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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by lilmonster, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. lilmonster

    lilmonster New commenter


    I am just investigating the issue of JSA. I am getting contributions based JSA (claiming since mid September 2011). Yesterday I had to attend a meeting at the benefit office because I hadn't applied for a job as a carer for adults with learning difficulties and a sessional youth worker post. I am Secondary Art teacher. ( I agreed to apply for teaching jobs, teaching assistant jobs) They have said that I may get my benefit stopped. Can they do this?
  2. Go through the motions, you won't get an interview anyway, you're too qualified.
  3. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I agree, just apply for the posts and if you get an interview, mention that your long-term aim is to get a teaching post. Also did you mention on your form, that you are looking just for teaching jobs, i.e FE teacher, Secondary teacher or private art teacher, if this is the case the Jobcentre should seek to focus on these areas. But just nod your head and keep them happy by applying for jobs andgo through the motions, because some jsa staff are simple jobsworths, who like to tick the boxes.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    After you've been signing on for about 13 weeks (they may have shortened the timespan) you can no longer limit the jobs you apply for to teaching work.
    You will have had an extra Jobcentre interview recently (?) to adapt your Jobsearch contract; they usually add that you will now apply for any job that you are capable of doing, at the minimum wage if necessary.
    Just sign on the dotted line nad continue to apply for thhe most appropriate jobs.
    If you put enough jobsearch activities in your jobsearch, all should be fine BUT if they print off details of what they regard as appropriate jobs, you should apply for those too.
    There is nothing to stop you putting in the application that the Jobcentre required you to apply for the post whilst you are seeking a permamnet teaching post. They probably won't then select you for interview.
    If you are called to interview, make sure to attend. Be as truthful as you like when asked why you want the job of carer/ toilet cleaner etc. Be as candid as you like about your lack of experience in bathing and toileting elderly people.
    If you don't attend an interview for a job where the Jobcentre inttroduced you, it will eventually register as a DNA (Did Not Attend) at the Jobcentre and they can cease JSA for up to 26 weeks.
    Once your 26 weeks of JSA Contributory has expired, you might as well sign off and save yourself the travel costs of attending and the hassle of meeting their jobsearch ultimatum. Wait 12 weeks (worth checking with the helpline if they've extended that period too!) and when you sign back on (if you are still unemployed) you might be entitled to another 26 weeks of JSA.
    The second claim needs to start ina different CALENDAR year from the start of the previous claim and there needs to be that 12(?) week claim-free gap.
    For nay claims made in 2011 they have looked at your NI contributions in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 tax years and you obviously paid enough NI to get 26 weeks of JSA Contributory.
    Make a new claim in 2012, witht he required claim-free gap, and they will not link the claim to your 2011 one but will look at a different paid of tax years to assess a new eligibility. In 2012 they'll look at 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. If you paid enough NI in the last of those years, you'll get JSA again (we already know that you paid enough int he first of those tax years).
  5. Make sure that your job search diary is fully up-to-date and that you have fulfilled the obligations of the job search contract!!
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I've just re=read the original post. If you've only been signing on since mid- September, thta's maybe 9 weeks of claiming so you shouldn't yet be in the position of having to compromise on jobs or pay.
    Assuming thta you have worked as a teacher previously (not an NQT) you are entitled to a Permitted Period, which used to be 13 weeks, in which you are are able to ONLY apply for your usual work at your usual pay rate.
    After the Permitted period, they require you to be 'more realistic' and look for other work at lower pay, though still able to apply for teaching work, of course.
    Back in 1996 I gave up a Social Services post after I couldn't work any longer with the (over-promoted) manager. I eventually signed on and had to put Admin work down as part of my jobsearch. Within weeks they gave me an application form for the Jobcentre. Readers, I aced the interview and got the job ... and lived to regret performing so well at interview!
    I very nearly made a run for it in the first week when the staff meeting consisted of a very serious manager telling the staff that of all the places he had worked in his 30 years in the Civil Service, the tea and coffe club at this jobcentre had the most accurate accounts he'd ever come across and it was a simple job to audit the monthly accounts. Special mention was made of the various women involved in organising the refreshments and they looked as though they'd been given Royal Honours. I couldn't believe that adults in the Civil Service actually allowed their own money, going into an informal fund to buy drinks for breaktimes, to be institutionalised and subject to a monthly audit by the boss! Imagine if the Head in every school had to vet the running of the ad-hoc arrangements that groups of staff make for their drinks at breaktime!

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