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FAO: Jubilee and Others: JSA and Temporary Work

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by patchi, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hi Jubilee and anyone else that can help!
    I have been getting JSA since July 2011 and have managed to get myself on a school's list of bank staff for their nursery, so I might be called last minute to cover someone, but I could also be called and be put on the rota for the following week for X amount of days (or not).
    Now, by JSA is calculated by my savings in July '11 which were then, over £8k and in a month I receive just under £130. Obviously, my savings no longer look like they did but I'm going off topic...
    Because of the work, in one days work at this school, I would earn over my week's worth of JSA (before tax, travel costs etc), so I'm enquiring what woud happen with my JSA?
    I have a number of days work next week (above 16 hours) and would go over my months JSA amount in those days (before tax et al), would I need to sign off? If so, when and how long for?
    Extra: I'm not sure when I would be paid, as it is directly through the school and find this all out on my first day.

    I'm just worried, that I receive less JSA than average due to savings and being under 25 that because I exceed my JSA easily with any temporary work even at minimum wage, that I would lose my JSA completely and not allowed to re-claim.

    Any advice is much valued :D

  2. I had to sign off in the end. You fill in a firm but don't put money received til you are paid, I did this wrong and put down what I wS going to be paid then had to argue as I had no income for a while. Anyway your agency fee is then deducted from further JSA payments so you may only be a but better off. You may receive a letter after a few regular weeks saying you are no linger entitled but if you have to sign off do a rapid reclaim as soon as work dies off again. I could go on but hopefully that helps and jubilee will be along to add.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    First of all, they should be updating your JSA at intervals based on your savings depleting to partially support you. They calculate how much income they think you derive from savings interest (even if you can't achieve that!) and thyen work out how much of the savings capital you have to withdraw and spend to keep you at Benefits level income (your full JSA allowance).
    Ask when they will be adjusting your JSA upwards to account for decreased savings.
    As for p/t work:
    1. You don't automatically sign off when you get 16hrs+ work ina calendar week. The calendar week on correlates with your Benefit Week if your signing day is a Friday. If you sign on any other day of the week, 16hrs+ of work in a calendar week could be split between 2 Benefit Weeks, with neither exceeding 16 hrs. When is your signing day?
    2. You only count paid work hours so never include the unpaid lunch break in your tally of hours worked.
    3. You tell the jobcentre at the first signing after working p/t that you have done some work and they give you a form to fill out about the employer and a B7 orm where you enter the dates you worked and the hours worked. You enter when you expect to be paid for that work (either a week later or at the end of the following month for most supply staff whop are agency or LA employed) and you enter £nil in the pay received box for a benefit Week if you didn't get any pay that week.
    4. If you have been paid during one or both of the 2 BW's you are signing for, you take along your payslip and they photocopy it. You extract the various gross/ tax, NI deducted and Nett Pay rece'd figures and enter them in the columns for the relevant BW.
    5. If you are paid weekly, they will disregard the first £5 of your declared take-home pay and will then compare the remainder of the pay you have received with the JSA assessment that you have. If the figures are the same or the pay exceeds the JSA normally due, they will temporarily cease your JSA as you have managed to earn the amount yourself.
    If the pay (after the £5 disregard for travel to work) is less than your JSA, they will top the pay up to your JSA assessment level.
    So, if your weekly JSA payment is £50 and your take-home pay is £40, they will diregard £5 and compare £35 pay with £50 JSA. You will keep your pay (obviously) and get £15 JSA to top it up.
    If your pay is £55, the £5 disregard brings it down to £50 and they cease your JSA for that week as your residual earnings match your JSA.
    6. You keep signing on as long as you don't exceed the 16hrs work in YOUR BW.
    7. As you get to school holidays you will be declaring no hours worked but might initially be declaring pay from previous weeks of work. Once pay stops coming in, JSA goes back to your full assessment.
    Some people who have savings and are thinking of getting a car or other asset are well advised to use savings for that before starting a Means Tested JSA claim!
    If you have to sign off because of hours worked, you simply make a rapid reclaim (less hassle than initial claim) as soon as work stops.
  4. WOW!! Thank you Jubilee and everyone. A lot of information to take in but I am very grateful for it.
    Sorry if I have missed something, as I now start a quoting frenzie!!

    I have actually asked about having my JSA re-adjusted, but then received a very stern lecture from the sign-on advisor that day about various things, leading to them showing me the screen with the saving amounts when I first applied. It didn't go down to well when I said again that my savings look nothing like that anymore.
    Might try with a different advisor next time.

    It is this coming Monday and I don't start the temporary work until Tuesday. I'm not working the Weds as they don't need me, but I will be working the Thursday and Friday.

    It is direct with a private school, but I do plan to ask on my first day questions such as, when I will be paid etc. They are setting time aside during the day, so we can through this whole process properly.

    I did think of travelling, but now more thinkingactual driving lessons!! As I have been out of work for a while, my savings have gone on rent et al, and when big household items have decided that their time is up - Both the washing machine and the gas fire. Next? Possibly the boiler!
    As I will be working more than 16 hours over the 3 days, I will most likely have to sign off and then make a rapid re-claim once the work stops. Unless, some unknown bug starts making the rounds!!
    Do I have to wait a certain time after work stops, before I can make a rapid reclaim?
    I don't know at present if I would be getting work in my second Benefit Week or not but if I did, do I do as you suggested before and just mention it at my next sign on?

    I still live at home, but when I was at University it was very local to
    me so I stayed at home and paid towards rent etc, as I still do now.

    to my background and upbringing, I have always been very careful with
    money hence quite a bit of savings for someone quite so young. When I
    finished Uni, I did some travels in the USA and worked at a camp there
    for two summers so I managed to lower my savings in that respect, and
    worth every penny!! :D
    That's it for now. As again, thank you EVERYONE!! :D
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    In that case, your Benefit Week runs from each Tuesday until each Monday.
    If you work Tues, Weds and Thursday, the hours will all fall in one BW.
    If the work were Mon, Tues, Weds instead, Monday would be in one BW and Tues, Weds in the next BW.
    You should thus have the pay date information by the time you next sign on. The jobcentre will give you a B7 this Monday when you tell them you have work booked. get them to enter the dates for each BW in the relevant columns and the dates for each day of each BW,so you know how to proceed with future forms and get to enter information correctly during the fortnight before submitting the form.
    If you reach/exceed the 16 hours, you need to sign off using the form in your signing booklet and you also submit the completed and signed B7, with details entered only up to the date when you are closing the clam (cross out the other dates of the BW).. fOR INSTANCE, IF YOU REACH 16HRS OR MORE BY THE TIME YOU ARE AT WORK ON on Friday 2nd March, you would put Thursday 1st March as your last day of claiming JSA , cross out all dates after that in the B7 columns and submit the form, with no pay received entered (put £nil where asked about pay).
    Then, if you have no work on Monday 5th March, ring up (or go on-line) nad make a Rapid reclaim.
    Be careful about depleting savings unnecessarily. If they think you have spent more than you needed o, they can still delay increasing you JSA. They work out how long your savings should last you based on Income Support levels as your necessary expenditure.
    Why would you have boiler repair cost if renting?
    Have you applied for Housing benefit? Sorry, just noticed that you mean contributing rent to parents' household. You can't get HB for that.
    If you make a Rapid reclaim and get work in that same BW, you will simply record it on the B7 they give you at the interview and proceed as before, signing off again the next time that you reach 16hrs or more in a BW.
  6. Brilliant. Nice to know. I always thought it was Monday to Monday.

    Thanks once again.
    I'm not wasting my savings unnecessarily, trust me. It was just the washing machine / gas fire all went at the same time. As for the boiler - We don't need to pay to replace it, but it needs to be replaced as many engineers have told us over the years. The HA refuse too and they just keep repairing it, even though it is usually the most expensive part of the boiler that we have problems with.
    Jubilee, thank you so much for your help. I and other members of the forum really appreciate your time and detailed responses that you add, whether about JSA or other matters.
    You truly are a STAR!! [*]
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Don't replace a boiler in an HA rented property yourself. You cannot tamper with their boiler. The HA have the duty of care and you will render that null and void if you get someone to replace it without their consent (and they won't consent to a tenant taking on the responsibility).
    If they failed to send someone in a reasonable amount of time to do necessary repairs, you could action repairs and bill them but you can't take out their fixtures and fittings.
  8. Sorry, I worded my original posting badly. I should not have used the word 'benefit', as that has connotations of money paid. What I meant was, depending on your 'advisor' you can get completely different advice toi some one else.
  9. Every engineer that the HA send out everytime we have major problems with the boiler (roughly every 12-16 months, sometimes more often), has said it needs to be replaced and will notify HA of this. In the same breath, they then say that they will most likely pay for the expensive repair. Which they always do.
    The boiler was installed many, many years before HA took over the property but as it is their property now, it means they own the boiler too. We just joke about replacing the boiler ourselves because that's how problematic it is, with minor incidents occuring every few months.
    Would never actually do it - Hoping the HA will eventually get round to replacing it.

  10. No worries :D I understood what you were trying to get across. Thank you.

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