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FAO Catering Teachers

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by lamaddalena, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. I am keen to set up a network for Catering teachers in the South West.
    We used to have network groups when I joined teaching 15 years ago.
    We have started GCSE Catering and produced lots of resources but would also like to discuss teaching this subject.with other teachers. I know that there are lots of teachers working on their own.who might be interested? I know we can email each other but would like to have meetings after school for those interested in having a chat.
    Send me a message on here.
  2. Does Swansea count as South West?
  3. Ok keep 9th June free for a meeting. 3.30 - 5.30
    Not sure if we can video conference from our conference room !
  4. Where are you?
  5. just off M5 near Bristol
  6. How is everyone getting on marking Catering GCSE Task 2?
  7. Completed the prac last week, marked that. The markscheme is not as precise as it was with the old spec, the mark boundaries are too wide ranging in my view. I liked having the marks for the practical broken doen into 7 different sections on the old spec. I am going to mark the written element over Easter next week (in Wales). I am hoping not to get too many problems, I just don't find the marks as clear cut as they were before.
    Anyone else with any thoughts?
  8. When we marked the practical we broke it down it to the elements they gave us and weighted it in order of importance e.g. correct use of equipment, range of skills, independency etc.This made it much easier.
    I'm still not sure what they are looking for in the research for the tasks?
    Perhaps I'm used to having lots of guidance from AQA and then them changing their minds every year. I'm not sure they knew what they were looking for half the time.
  9. I have told mine they had to do about 3 pages of research, and that they had to get it from different sources, not just the internet! Mine did some practical work as research which they analysed and put photos of in their work. They also looked at restaurants in the locality to do with their country of choice.

    I too broke the marks down, and in the majority of the cases it worked out OK, but not all!
  10. Reminder of anyone in the area. Meeting on the 9th June (Thursday) afterschool, near Bristol, off M5

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