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FAO all primary school subject coordinators

Discussion in 'Primary' started by peeceee, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. so are you sayingthat if I have two responsibilities, actally three counting eco/environment (+science and ict) then I should have a TLR? and if not? we are told we have no money for TLRs in our school.
  2. if they will not (cannot) pay, then they need to reassign the responsibility/accountability to someone who is already being paid on leadership or TLR

    or restructure as they should have done 3 years ago with a less flat structure that allows for a small number of TLR posts to take on board all the coordination roles

  3. So in a school where no TLRs are given except for the senior leader then by rights we can now redirect our coordinating to one person if we are told that TLRs are not available?! hmmmm...

    This is a positive step forward for the many who are not paid for coordinating and expected to do it for nothing and for those who coordinate more than one subjects for nothing!

  4. Thanks examinations!! You rightly point out that some schools didn't restructure correctly! This paragraph could cause some shenanigans this term as people get wind of it!!

    About time too as far as I'm concerned!!

  5. ...and at the risk of sounding smug!!!![​IMG]
  6. ...and at the risk of sounding smug

    that was not the intention (honest) - it was more along the lines of '....and have taken a lot of flak for so doing'
  7. This paragraph could cause some shenanigans this term as people get wind of it!!

    thats why its being publicised on here :)

    (and on SMT - but there has been a distinct lack of any response there - i wonder why?)
  8. Thank you for the reference. I tried to explain this to HT but it fell on deaf ears. It is useful to say exactly where it has come from.
  9. Dopey Dwarf

    Dopey Dwarf New commenter

    Without ounding as dopey as my name, are you saying because i am a co-ordinator (3 subjects no TLR) i shouldn't do it without getting paid? If so where do i find this information so that i can go to my 'leader' and sort it?

  10. Will HTs not get away with this by saying teachers are looking after subjects rather than being accountable for them? That is what we are told in our school. We will observe teaching in our subjects and carry out work scrutinies, keep evidence files etc, but will not be accountable for standards in the subject. Accountability lies with the HT. We have just changed subject roles and some of us have 2.

    HMI are monitoring subject management in our school. Will be interesting to see what impact this has.
  11. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    As 'xaminations pointed out the STPCD talks also of responsibility for subject leadership: if you don't have a responsibility to undertake the duties/work you have outlined then you don't have to do it unpaid.
  12. I work in a small school with just 4 teachers and a non-teaching head. One teacher receives a TLR 2 for SEN work and is also art co-ordinator. Another teacher coordintates Numeracy, P.E. and Music. Another teacher coordinates Science, PSHCE, RE and DT. I coordinate Literacy, ICT and Geography. The head has MFL, G and T and History. In the last Ofsted literacy and numeracy coordinators were interviewed by the inspector. Subject coordination related targets are included in PM.

    In light of the new STPC, does it sound like the school staffing is wrongly structured? Surely the answer cannot be that every teacher should have a TLR or that the head and TLR teacher should coordinate all subjects?

  13. I do believe that people should be paid for what they do but it is not always possible to do so. To do as you suggest in my small school it would mean that the HT as well as teaching for two days a week, doing all that a HT needs to do (which is no different that in a larger school) would need to co-ordinate every single subject there is going. There are 2.6 teachers for my 2 class school (including me) with a protected budget based on 35 children as we are so small. It is always a struggle to get the budget to balance, so I guess they should just close us down now ... what a shame for the children.

    You say we should have a less flat structure, hmmmm how would that work for us then? I don't even have a senior teacher let alone a SMT, assistant or deputy head.
  14. examinations,,,Because you are very informed that is why...I appreciate that in people!
  15. geraldine, i suspect that there is no sensible way to manage the curriculum in the smallest of schools - however that does not mean that the staff of even those smallest schools should not be paid for any responsibilities they undertake

    i would quite happily support the need for small schools to receive extra funding for this to happen - but the argument as to whether the social prerogative is sufficient reason to keep a small school open is fuel for a totally different thread

  16. I do agree with you examinations, ALL staff should be paid for the work that they do regardless of their position in the school, I just can't. I am aware though of not taking my staff for granted and they are given the time they need to do what I am asking of them. It is a little swings and roundabouts though because my teachers are working in classes with less than 20 children in them and last year one teacher had less than 10... and as you will appreciate this does vastly alter the amount of time needed for marking etc etc. And no it doesn't make it right but I do try and fulfil all the legalities that I have to.

    Funding and small schools, that would be a good debate. [​IMG]

  17. missied

    missied New commenter

    I think one of the ways that it was suggested schools could manage this was that TLRs have overall responsibility for a group of subjects eg humanities and then has a team which they manage this area with. It could work in smaller schools if medium term plans are already established because the school would focus on particular areas & address through staff meetings etc.

    HOWEVER getting heads to take this responsibility off staff is another matter. I suppose it could be addressed by requesting job descriptions are updated, particularly with ref to performance management & then bring in the quote from 1st post.

    I wonder how it will affect advertisements for jobs........
  18. iceni

    iceni New commenter

    This is very interesting. I am going into a school which seems to have no management structure or TLR's. They have managers of each Key stage and each member of staff has a subject for which they are responsible. HMI due in soon.

    But I can't say for sure until I get in there proper, have to wait to see with my own eyes, and to see what HMI say also.

    Interesting times.
  19. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    I'm going to have such an interesting first week at school. Not only do I need to ask why my HEad wrote me a "weak" reference, but also, why is she expecting me to co-ordinate five subjects for no money, having cut my pay. Ha! Ha! Ha! (evil laugh)[​IMG]
  20. Will be thinking about you!

    By the way, tried to add you as friend, but it doesn't seem to be working....I'm not being stand-offish! Could you try again...I managed to add red butterfly, so don't know what I am doing wrong!

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