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Fantasy Topic Role Play

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kate1610, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. kate1610

    kate1610 New commenter

    Hi, I am new to reception and I would love anyone's ideas for fantasy topic role play areas. After a 'brainstorming session' last term the children have chosen the following areas: We are starting off with a magic shop selling magical creatures and wands, then we are moving onto a magic school - other than blackboards and potions I'm a bit stuck with what else to put in there. We're then going to change to Hansel & Gretel with the Gingerbread cottage and Rapunzels tower. I am struggling to think of things to put in these and don't really have the budget to buy all the puppets. The reason we change the role play area every couple of weeks is because the children love a new area when we first set it up but soon lose interest after a couple of weeks. I always include the children in setting up the area and they decide what goes in there but I like to have a few ideas in mind myself first so I know what materials to start gathering together. The role play area is very small - just enough for a couple of tables and maybe 4 children. I will obviously set up related activities around the classroom such as in the writing area, creative corner and sand tray so any related activities would be great too. Thank you!
  2. hayleyrm

    hayleyrm New commenter

    Hiya, what a fab topic I love it and would be very excited if this was me! I recently did a similar topic in my reception class and we changed our area every other week also. Our topic was fairytales but we included hansel and gretel in our role play. We very simply created the sweet house by colouring sweet outlines a4 size and laminating them. The next day the children ndecorated the house using the sweets. We also had a play kitchen in there with various materials for potions we used pasta, pebbles, lentils and other bits. We also had a tuff spot with scrubbing brushes and buckets for gretel to do the chores and washing pots etc in the water play.

    Outdoors we also created a forest maze with plant pots and one of our activities was for the children to make their way through the maze leaving shiney white pebbles behind like in the story.

    Potions is a lovely one in the writing area with word banks and cauldron outlines fir the children to write or draw in. Also mazes links in amazingly with this topic so those In the writing area and on the smart board are fab.

    Hope you have a fab one with this topic if I think of anything else on this I'll add it on, going to search out my planning now!

  3. kate1610

    kate1610 New commenter

    Wow thanks that sounds great! Yes I am really excited about the topic too - even more so after reading your ideas. I love thinking creatively but being new to reception I sometimes struggle to work out how to fit my ideas into the 6 areas of learning. I love those ideas though - I'll definately be doing the laminated sweet wrappers, the kids will love that and I will try the maze outside - brilliant ideas thank you!

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