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Fantastic websites we can't live without

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rach311080, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. These are great lists, unfortunately I have nothing to add as I lost all my favourites when my hard drive died :( Seven years of collected links :(
  2. I no the feeling!!! was so stressed by loosing all my stuff but this thread is fab, iv been looking at websites since 12 today (how sad!!). think im gona have to turn the computer off now as i have a big pile of marking to do and spent a fortune buying resources off those sites!! xx
  3. Great stuff - keep on adding!
  4. answerman , have you seen my posting to you
  5. Extremely sorry TT I bulk listed my favourites trying to help out with websites. It was a great mistake and sorry again!
  6. Thanks answerman. Don't worry. You didn't mean to.
  7. Thanks for being understanding TT. Your plans are great.
  8. Thanks for the feedback Answerman; your links are very useful too. I'll be adding some of those to my site very soon!
  9. Fantastic!! Keep them coming!
  10. www.zamzar.com

    For converting things like vids you find on youtube so you can show them in the classroom.
  11. literacymatters.com

    not sure if it's on already but it's a life saver for me
  12. jcw


  13. Good lessons do one or more of the following:

    stress that the Right Process is usually more important than the Right Answer.
    make the Strange Familiar or the Familiar Strange.
    involve students in some sort of "Real Life" activity or simulation.
    have clear Goals and easily measured Objectives.
    ask students to build on their existing skills and knowledge.
    give students the opportunity to develop their ideas individually and in small groups before involving them in lectures or other large group activities.
    show that you view your teaching self as a "guide on the side" rather than a "sage on the stage".
    center on subjects that excite the teacher's passion and love. Such subjects provide that extra motivation as teachers struggle to translate what they have to offer into a form that will be clearly understood by their students.

    I liked that - from the last site suggested.

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