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fantastic things for classroom Summer 2011 It's that time again!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by deeley, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. One thing i saw was small plastic baskets (about a4 size) which were used when the kids were changing for pe. each child grabbed their own basket and placed thier clothes inside with their pe bag on top. keeps all their things together and saves the classroom looking like a bombs hit it. Particularly good for younger children.
  2. Not sure if you have the shop Wilkinsons (Wilkos) near to you- but I bought pink book covering from there last week and I think they had different colours.... that is really my favorite shop for things like that because its almost a hardware shop but you dont have to be a DIY expert to feel like you can go in...!!
  3. Wilkonsons have loads of different colours and patterns and a roll is only £2.50
    A bargain
  4. I like the whiteboard pen and cloth idea and agree that the Ikea boxes are great. My quest is to find felt pens and coloured pencils that are of a decent quality (ie leads don't keep breaking) but won't cost me the earth. Any ideas? Someone suggested WHSmith to me but i haven't had chance to check it out andworry they might be quite pricey.

  5. Wow! Thanks for the link to Scrapstores. I had never heard of them before, either. They look fantastic! The closest one to me is 20 miles away but may still be worth a visit. My local one has a price list and the stuff is cheap as chips :D Although I can see myself still spending a fortune there, lol.
  6. Wilkinsons do good coloured pencils. I think the best felt pens are the expensive ones unfortunately. Wilkinsons also have box files and folders (ringbinders and lever arch) very cheap.
  7. A lot of the cheaper pencils and crayons are pretty good. The leads begin to break when they have been tapped repeatedly or dropped, which means the lead is broken inside before the children even start sharpening. That goes for the more expensive ones too. I got some great tinned sets of 12 assorted drawing pencils from the pound shop 4 years ago, and they are still going strong.
  8. Tesco have a pack of 12 whiteboard pens (3 each of blue, green, black and red) for £2.00 and also have some really cute little buckets in pink, yellow, green and blue for £1.00 each.
  9. I went to BHS and got some of the tape measures yesterday. They are fab, plastic and will last me a long time. Thank you!
    I love IKEA. I bought a rail to put on the wall for £2.00 and boxes which hang from it in different colours for 50p each. They are fab and will be really useful for pencils etc.
    I've been rummaging around charity shops for a few weeks now and managed to get lots of books, including the 'Horrible Histories' series for a few pounds. I'm hoping to buy some bean bags and suchlike to put in my reading corner for September.
    I've also acquired a fab wooden toy chest, which needs a bit of TLC, but with sanding and some wood stain, it will look great and be useful.
    I'm intending to paint the scruffy old bookcases I have inherited in my new classroom with some bright and inviting colours to make the area stand out in the classroom. I have the lowest set for literacy in September, so I really want to inspire them to get reading for pleasure.
    Thank you for the scrap store tip, I am definitely intending to take a trip there in the school holidays!
  10. Poundland do fantastic storage boxes in green and red for tables wth 4 compartments in them great for storing pencils and as table tidy. They are ment to be for gardening
  11. I keep my whiteboards in a cardboard file along with a pen and a ruber (cut up sponge) that way i only need to hand out one thing per pupil - find it much easier.
  12. Matalan, 3 plastic boxes in a variety of coloured sets - see through and big enough for books, whiteboards, toys, whatever takes your fancy. £8. Bargain I thought seeing as most boxes this size are normally about a fiver each.
  13. I just pop my whiteboard with a pen into a plastic pocket and then the kids run around handing them out while I dole out rubbers (1 between 2 is all we have). At the end the pop the w/board and pen back in the pocket and its all tidy for next time.
    It works, its cheap and teaches them to be organised and tidy
  14. Hi,
    I've been reading this thread with great interest (as a secondary school teacher I still love to plan and spend on the classroom for the next academic year). Although we are not supposed to, I always leave stationery for students as there are always a few who are never prepared. I have been looking at Wilkos and really like these:
    I will be using them for groups to make sure no one has an excuse to move and ask a friend for a pen ;)
  15. camis

    camis New commenter

    I have been following this thread closely, even though I'm not even a PGCE student yet (next year, hopefully!) and have always been rather miffed that a lot of the suggestions were for Wilkinsons. Delighted to find out yesterday that there will be one in my nearest city soon - lots of shopping opportunities to come!
  16. Hey .... I am really missing having a class to buy for! I can't go into bookshops any more cos all I wanna buy is for kids ... all my book buys and stationery etc were for me as a teacher.

    sob ....!


    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Yet more evidence for my teacher-stationery-storage-fetish theory![​IMG]

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