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fantastic things for classroom Summer 2011 It's that time again!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by deeley, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Never ever heard of any such thing as a scrapstore before. But have googled and there is one about 5 mins from school! How very cool is that? I want to go tomorrow, but think I might need to hold off until the first week of the holidays!

    Am even more excited about next year now. I'm going to have loads of cool and exciting things for almost free!
  2. Have a good supplier for stickers
    Great for stickers £1.50 per A4 sheet includes personalised ones!!!!!
    I just sent them a list of statements e.g. marking and traditional e.g. MRs James is proud of me type statements. Very colourful and have a range of pictures e.g. smiley faces, stars as well as cute icons
    They also produce banners and huge backdrops for plays/theme corners etc Wipe clean surfaces. Individual quotes for specific orders I explained what I needed and they gave me a price for a huge backdrop for my theme corner (wipes clean).
  3. Chinese takeaway boxes and marg tubs (can be decorated) are great for pens. I usually hit Tesco at the end of a season as they habitually reduce stuff to at least 75% off when the shelf space is needed. For example two weeks after Easter the art boxes were £1.50 filled with goodies (such as pom poms and googly eyes) for a box with grip over handles (like the 'Useful ' boxes, which retail at £4 empty). Another great buy recently has been gardening bags (the carrying tool kind, not plastic refuse sacks): They are sturdy, made from rubberised canvas and have pockets all around the outside, so you can pull things out really easily - not hunting in the bottom of a hesian carrier bag. These are down to £2 at the moment with a pair of gloves! In only a few weks time all the outdoor toys will be reduced - including the 'sports day kits, and at the end of the Summer, directional compasses (for Geography) normally go down to £2, compared with £8 from the RGS. I must stop - I'm getting carried away!
  4. Thankyou Maggie13 RLBxxx
  5. Poundland has colouring pens under the name 'sign pens', 10 for you've guessed it! colouring pens are notoriously expensive or naff, these are very very good and last an age.
  6. Asda has mini shaped post it notes for 58p a pack instead of £1.50
  7. Just bought some coloured metal buckets at Tescos for £1, I bought 2 for a lot more at a shop last year and have used them for my pencils - am also collecting metal buckets in different sizes for maths - sad I know
  8. Poundland do the sticky back covering not sure about the colours though.

  9. Great minds think alike! I have a sturdy magazine file in the middle of each table and hang 2 BYGELS off them. One at the top and one at the bottom. I manage to keep the whiteboards, pens, pencils, rulers and occasional unfinished work (!) in them.

  10. I'd agree with Niamh wholeheartedly. I have had so many bargains at my local scrapstore, they sell things which you are unlikely to ever see on the highstreet or if you did they'd be hugely expensive. Of course some things are a bit random as they are generally factory scraps (although both clean and safe) but if I actually manage to spend a whole £5 I have a car full of resources! I once bought half a canoe for my role play corner for £4 :)
    The Swansea one I go to has just moved premises but the best bit is that they have a shop which sells all craft things and sometimes they have ordered things I have asked them for. I'll post a link so you have an idea of what they do http://www.playright.org.uk/
    Please, if you have one near you, pay them a visit. They are all independent...Ive been to four different ones accross the country and they all stock different things and have different pricing structures but if you have an imagination, you will love it and will come out with bags of stuff your colleagues will be falling over themselves to try to pinch!!!
  11. Just to add some more info Ive just found, if you go to www.scrapstoresuk.org you can do a search for a scrap store close to where you live.

  12. #200AJ - I LOVE the IKEA boxes, whilst on the site have also found some incredibly cheap archive boxes too, perfect for all old student info I need to keep for a year or two - just in case they ask for it back - it has happened to me twice, 2 students in differing years came back a year later asking for their History work, luckily I still had it!
  13. #Tessy1507 - THANK YOU for the scrap store website, it is BRILLIANT. I am going to be using it a LOT from now on. Thanks again.
  14. I've just been in Sainsburys this morning and they have a great little wall clock in the sale. The hour and minutes hand are labelled and as well as numbers around the outside it says o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter too. I think it was just over £5. x x
  15. Hobbycraft Superstores. However, beware ................ you will buy loads of other stuff too!
  16. luxio

    luxio New commenter

    If any of you have been into BHS recently, their school uniform section currently has free "help yourself" plastic tape measures, inches on one side and centimetres on the other. I accidentally managed to collect 8 for my Maths resource drawer. As they are plastic, they should last a long time and they measure up to 150cm.
  17. Home bargains always has the sticky back plastic!! Cheap too! They tend to have 4/5 different patterns. Hope this helps! Good luck! HB x
  18. You can get metallic effect gold sticky back covering from Hobbycraft, I got some last week for about £1.40.
  19. CaptainTuttle

    CaptainTuttle New commenter

    Thank you for mentioning scrap stores, never heard of them before and there's one not far away... guess where I'm going tomorrow!

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