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fantastic things for classroom Summer 2011 It's that time again!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by deeley, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    Hi All
    After the successful and helpful thread last year, I'm reopening up for this summer.
    Apologies if anyone has beaten me to it - I've scanned the forum but couldn't spot a similar thread, but may well be one.
    Now, to quote last year:
    <u>Bargain/invaluable things you've seen for your classroom for next year..</u>
    I'm such a sadsack; love love love stationery!
    I know we always drift off topic on this one, but can we please steer away from the "teachers shouldn't have to spend their wages etc..." theme, and perhaps start another thread for that debate!! :)
    So, who's gonna start us all of? (any is anyone else missing Woolworths!)
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I need new boxes for pens, pencils, etc on tables. Mine are a little cracked and tatty now. As I'm moving KS, I'm looking forward to a mooch around staples to see what there is.
  3. Last year I bought these products from IKEA. They have been absolutely wonderful and I would definitely recommend them. (Best storage boxes I've ever bought and I've bought lots in my time!!!)
    Pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers and sharpners can all be stored in the GLIS Box with a lid - transparent &pound;3.05
    your books can be stored in the SAMLI box with two compartments - transparent &pound;2.03
  4. Last year I bought some great cutlery draining boxes for the classroom tables (Y2). They are the tallish compact kind, are nice and bright and work so well. They have a wide section at the front which their A5 handwriting books and the letter and number lines fit in, with two narrower sections side by side at the back. I use one side for their writing pencils and coloured pencils and the other for their A6 Busy books and mini rulers. You can get them at most of those local homeware cheapy shops and are about &pound;1.99 each. They are really sturdy and thick plastic so still look pristine now.
  5. Just wondering if when searching for bargns anyone has found any coloured sticky back plastic book covering. I would really love gold( like the hologram effect) or a jewel like blue or red. Use to see it all the time in shops but can't find it anywhere.Thanks RLBxxx
  6. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    woohoo already we're sharing, fantastic! Thanks early posters.
    This year Ive been using some cutlery drainers from asda for table pots and they've served very well, so far. They were on offer too, and I've just looked again and they are still there, at 2 for &pound;3. Not really great for books, but I liked the tiered effect for easy access to pens and the shallow front tray was ok for rubbers/sharpeners. http://groceries.asda.com/asda-estore/catalog/sectionpagecontainer.jsp?skuId=1000000466336&departmentid=1214921923802&aisleid=1214921925235&startValue=1100&referrer=cookiesDetecting
    Had lovely book boxes from BandM on tables for books, but they collapsed about a month ago and had to go in box. Had a good innings tho!
  7. I saw some of the sticky book stuff in Wilkinsons recently - I noticed it because this time last year I couldn't find it anywhere.
  8. I'm fancying some of these pencil pots (cutlery drainers) for next year. Can only find them in Sainsbury's though.
    I want something else to store my whiteboards in next year. At the mo I have 4 baskets with 8 whiteboards, pens and rubbers in each one. What does anyone else use?
  9. I found some of the sticky back plastic in my local DIY shop.
  10. I have one box with all the whiteboards in . The pens and cloths go in five plastic pots (the type nectarines come in) which then fit in the top of the box. The children sit in five rows, I pass a group of whiteboards and one box of pens to the person at the end of each row. They are passed along and then passed back the same way at the end. Each child wraps their pen in their cloth and pops it back into their row's box. They compete to see which row can pass out and back the quickest. It works well and there is no scrabble for boards.
  11. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    Trying to resist urge to hit shops - failing miserably!
  12. I have plastic cutlery drainers (99p from Matalan) as pencil holders. Handy compartments for writing and colouring pencils and rubbers etc.
  13. The wooden stirrers in the specialist coffee shops (Starbucks etc) have caught my eye recently , and I wondered whether they were too thin as an alternative to lolly sticks...?
  14. Those wooden stirrers are great! I use them for writing in the air for handwriting and the kids love it (tell them its a magic invisible writing wand!!) I went into Starbucks and explained I was a primary teacher, they looked at me a bit weirdly but gave me a whole pack for free!!! Worth a try!
  15. Love the ideas thankyou everyone!
    IKEA is a god send - we are going to try something different this year that I saw on a course for pens and other creative/craft things...
    They are called BYGEL And you buy the rack for £3 I think and then these hook over the top...for 50p a tub they are fab and lots of different colours :)

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Do ikea still have a those nice paper metre tape measures? Very useful !
  17. Scrap stores are Aladdin's caves of resources for the classroom - either free or at minimal cost. There aren't many, but a Google search of 'scrap store' and your county should bring up a few. They usually consist of factory cast offs or end of lines and there can be some real finds. The downside is they're usually only open mid-week, but with the holidays looming, a trip to stock up could be well worth it!!
  18. There is some holographic sticky back plastic in B&Q that might do.

  19. I have three of these tubs and they're really good to hang onto the class whiteboard baskets if you have something like that. I use them for whiteboard pens, general pens and paper/post it notes so that they are near. I've had them a year and they still look as good as new!!
  20. SAM1CH

    SAM1CH New commenter

    BESTWAY, also known as BATLEYS
    A local warehouse has a &pound;1 shop corner, where lots of stock is between 59p and 65p.
    I find that clear poly pencil cases on each table are very handy, inside I stock the following:
    3 handwriting pens
    3 pencils
    2 lolly sticks
    1 rubber
    1 sharpener
    2 rulers
    2 highlighters.

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