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Fantastic things for classroom summer 2010 - New Thread! (I hope)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by deeley, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Got 3 mini games from poundland today for £1: chess, ludo, snakes and ladders. Will put these in the prize box. Oh I love a bargain!!
  2. Not stationery.. but I went to Homebase last week and found some fab smallish pebbles in bags - 4 different types. At full price they were nearly £10.. but they had been reduced to 93p per bag!!!!!!!!! bargain.. they are going to be used for pattern making, out in the sandpit.. or inside...
  3. netballgoalshooter

    netballgoalshooter New commenter

    If you hold an Ikea family card they are currently discounting their 'Frederika' fabric, instead of being £3.99 a metre, its a pound, Bargain!
    Its not advertised anywhere, I was just buying it and got the discount, so amazed I even phoned to confirm it wasnt a mistake. There are about 4 or 5 different designs, all bright and colourful.
    Thought you might want to know!
  4. any more fab ideas???? x
  5. No cost at all (unless you count the food inside them...) but those little round Activia pots make good glue pots.
    The cauldron shape means they are hard to tip over... and not likely to spill much even if they do. And it gives you an excuse to buy the nice yoghurty dessert things... Yum!
    C x
  6. gemmalou81 and mattmoo; the font is called "Fabulous 50s" and I downloaded it (free) from www.fontspace.com. Fantastic site with a search function, so you can search for things like "50s", "60s", "70s" etc.
    Just beware though, for some reason the font has nothing for the letter "m"
    The display used a lot of different fonts and images that I tried to suit to the decade...not easy, and I'm still not happy with some of them. It gets harder to do as it gets more recent - 50s rock and roll, 60s flower power, 70s psychedelia were all easy. But short of a font with a harsh blonde wig on it, how do you evoke the Thatcher years? Or the 90s?
    I wimped out and did backgrounds instead - space invaders for the 80s, the "Matrix" type green characters for the nineties, and the backgroudn to my "00's" is all made of ipods (other makes of mp3 player are also available!)
    I do have a bit of an advantage in that my fiancee is an avid cardmaker, and she has a machine that can cut out shapes (kind of like a printer, but with a blade instead of a pen). Certainly saves on the old "I've been using scissors for too long" cramp...
  7. OK, either they added an "m" since I last looked or the problem was something at my end. It seems to have all 26 letters now!
  8. I'm a bit late to this as I've been away on hols so I am playing catch up! I love the ideas here!
    I have been to ikea but they haven't got any of those tubs so I managed to find these: http://www.staples.co.uk/office-supplies/pencil-cups-and-desk-tidies/really-useful-desk-tidies/4-litre-box-a4-paper but from the range for £3
    Big enough to put the books in / whiteboards etc. My plan is that each morning one monitor will get out the box for each table with whiteboards, pens, boxes etc in. At the moment they all go to the cupboard like nutters! So determined that this will not happen this year (covering a mat leave so can't change too much!)
    Also got a load of flourescent labels etc for display for £1.
  9. Never mind the font, what's the name of that machine?!?!?!
  10. The one I've heard of is called a sizzix machine, they are fantastic, I use one at scrapbooking and my old school used to have one, but they are expensive.
    Google die cut machines and you should find them!
  11. But then you get a gaggle of gossiping kids at the bin. No?
  12. Table pots for pencils,rulers etc in Poundstretcher- they are 99p have 4 compartments and fit whiteboard pens in one section. Great! (In the dishwashing/draining board section.)

    I have put pencils and rulers in one section, coloured pencils in another, fine felt tips in another and whiteboard pens in the final section.
  13. B&M is so full of bits and bobs(mostly tack) - I love it - so cheap . Great for perfume bargains and the odd booze bargain too. you MUST find one
  14. vjones86

    vjones86 New commenter

    I used Tesco Value biros which come in fantastic colours for shared writing in my last school (2 years ago) and the ones that haven't got lost are still going strong! They were about £1 a pack of 20 I think and last time I checked still sold them. The kids responded really well as there are colours like Red, pink, green, luminous orange, light blue- I just took the yellow ones out as hard to see.
  15. vjones86

    vjones86 New commenter

    Try your local pound shop. I bought tuppaware from there to use as sealable PVA glue pots. They were £1 for 6 little ones with light blue lids. They had lots of different sizes and every town has a pound shop!
  16. We have one of those machines....cuts out all of our letters for display and shapes, card templates and pictures.
    It is either called an Ellison or Eddison machine.
    Love it...no letter cutting with scissors at all and our letter dyes are sassoon font!
  17. Just come back from my local ASDA and they had a sale stand at the front of the store (I was later told it was to try and clear a few 'broken' bits before stock take) - anyway, I managed to get a set of 3 lovely big storage boxes (with lids) reduced from over £7 to just £2! From what I can see the only 'broken' bit is the cardboard tab that held them all together!! FAB!

    Check out your store - they might be holding a stock take soon!!!!
  18. Just one last thing to add here... My classroom was almost perfect, just needed some book stands to make my table top displays look a little more professional but couldn't find any reasonably priced ones anywhere. Just happened to mention this to my sister who announced, "We sell those where I work..."
    I now have quite a few in colour choices of red and blue priced at just 99p each!! They look really good too! And never in a million years would I think Lidl would sell something like that! Also check out their coloured sheets of paper and card - all good quality at just 99p a pack!
    Good luck to all this year and doesn't it feel good to walk in that well organised and attractive classroom!! [​IMG]
  19. Just had a look at it - looks good what feedback have you had?
  20. I know this is old and some of the links don't work, but some amazing ideas. Especially for an NQT like myself trying to figure out exactly what I need.

    I wonder what everyone will be buying this summer?

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