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Family tuition discount

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by MrMercedes, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    Hi, Tutoring 2 children at the same time (brother and sister, primary age). Do you offer a discount? If so how much percentage wise?

    Would be interested to hear other tutors thoughts. Thank you.
  2. alsoamum

    alsoamum Occasional commenter

    Only if it saved me travel time.

    Or if I had lots of spaces I couldn't fill.

    Otherwise, no I don't do discounts. It's still an hour of my time plus prep and planning.
  3. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    Thanks alsomum.

    I'm thinking that if I charged the same price, they could just ask for separate 1 to 1 sessions, one after the other where I'd be there for 2 hours...

    Was thinking of offering a 40% discount for the 2nd child.
  4. doctoryes

    doctoryes Occasional commenter

    Have had to edit my post, but I have sometimes had requests from parents expecting to pay the same hourly rate as one pupil for 2 siblings. If this is what they mean then be wary of such clients!
    You will need to charge a bit more than this as obviously you will need to do a bit more preparation to make a lesson accessible for 2 different ages. So therefore I think what you are suggesting is fair.
  5. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    That seems reasonable. I don't think you could charge the same for 1 hour together as 2 hours separately.
  6. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    Thanks all. They are actually twins!
  7. alsoamum

    alsoamum Occasional commenter

    I have a paired tuition rate. 34 for one to one 22 per child for paired.
    MrMercedes likes this.
  8. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    Ah great thanks alsomum that's similar to what I'm thinking!
  9. Abitofeverything

    Abitofeverything Occasional commenter

    I charge £38 for one, £50 for two. Twins or not!
  10. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    Same looks and being related does not equate to the same abilities. Chances are that you will need to work at differing learning levels for each student; regardless of the fact that they're twins. I've tutored twins before and I found that as a group lesson, it didn't work mainly because one was slightly more ahead than the other one and that made the one that was struggling feel less able and less confident in their abilities.

    I didn't discount because of tutoring them both, as I wouldn't do a discount based on that. Plus you may have to prepare differentiated work even if tutoring both at the same time which takes more time and effort to do.

    I do think that when I tutored twins individually, things were better for both of them as they felt more comfortable with not feeling the need to be in competition with each other and it boosted their confidence more.
  11. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    At the moment I am doing a deal £45 for 2 hours of tuition £30 for 1 hour. I am only doing this because of I can tutor more hours of the day because the kids aren't at school and because parents want more hours as they aren't getting any 'live' lessons from school. I did get approached about twins and I gave them the same deal.

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