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Falling Numbers....

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by nicola_wall, May 17, 2011.

  1. Hi all....
    I realise this has been a common thread lately but we have recently been have falling numbers for DT subjects. The timetable has meant that most of the KS3 pupils have not been taught graphics. The school runs a straw poll and then creates option blocks from it, this is the second time that graphics AND textiles has been left out of the open envening which hasn't even given us an opportunity to "sell" our subjects at open evening.
    Sorry just need to have a rant!!
  2. Hi Nicola,
    Its a problem I agree but am confused as why you have allowed these two options to be 'left out' of open evening??!?!
    Surely its the departments responsibility to promote their subjects? I know its always a key oppurtunity for my staff to talk to all those parents who have extremely old fashioned views of the 'DT' suite of subjects and its a chance to enthuse the students about what they could achieve. We're always the busiest room as we have so much more to look at and pick up compared to textbook subjects and it creates a really positive buzz.
    I think you need to remedy this ASAP with your curriculum leaders!
  3. I haven't allowed this to happen, i'm not a HOD...we currently don't have one and SLT have told us that because of the straw poll the subjects won't be offered at options evening. So i'm feeling pretty powerless at this point in time, and our previous GCSE results have been amongst some of the best in the school.
  4. This problem would simply disappear if you did Product Design as the materials used can be broad or narrow depending on the teacher and the facilities available.
  5. I agree... this is the plan for next year so hopefully there will be some difference.

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