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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by MisterMaker, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    The Falklands is one of those posts I've occasionally
    considered; something appealing about the desolate island in the middle of nowhere. Never got round to applying, but in the back
    of my mind has always been the possibility of doing so.

    Well, a certain Mr. Sean Penn has now met
    with el presidenti d’Argentina and gave his backing to their colonial expansion
    plans. Does this mean the end of the
    British link forever now that a Hollywood has-been has entered the ring?

  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    A has-been meeting with a never-was.
  3. You mean Las Malvinas.
  4. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    The Argentinians tried explaining their point of view 30 years ago and failed.
    Perhaps they wish for another experience of failure?

  5. Just because you nicked somebody else's country....
  6. No, you did. And I'm not talking Las islas Malvinas.
  7. It's what criminals do....

  8. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

    Eighteen years ago my twelve year old son went to BA to play rugby and stayed with a very hospitable and well-heeled Argentine family (their kids used to ride around their 'weekend' finca in a vintage Ford). The mother telephoned us every evening to reassure us that Mainwaring Minor was alive, well and the life and soul of the party. During one of these conversations we heard a familiar voice in the background chanting '¡Las Malvinas son Las Falklands y las Falklands son Británicas!'
    'Isn't he cute!' said the Porteña mum. 'Very', I replied.'Just tell him I'll kill him the moment he gets home.'
  9. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Great story, Cap'n.
    Had Mainwaring junior ejaculated in this fashion among the denizens of La Boca or Avellaneda, you would not have needed to 'kill' him. The locals would have done the job for you and also disposed of the gruesome remains, thoughtfully sparing you repatriation and funeral expenses.
    During my time in Argentina, the 'wounds were still fresh'. (How stupid of La Cristina to be opening them again, rightful though the Argie claim to Las Malvinas certainly is). But I had many a civilised dispassionate conversation about the topic - remember that the Argies were pleased in a bemused kind of way to have a form of democracy back after the años de plomo - and only felt threatened once.
    That was when boarding a taxi late at night in an unfamiliar place, then realising it was plastered with Malvinas veterans stickers. Nothing could keep the Nempnett Thrubwell accent from appearing under the incompletely acquired porteño drawl, so, "Where ya from, gringo?" asked the massive surly thug behind the wheel. "Striylia, myte", I replied, and lived to tell this tale.
    OP M-Maker - your prodigious talents would be wasted in that dire corner of the planet. Two weeks in <strike>Stanley</strike> Puerto Argentino, and you'd be shedding bitter nostalgic tears for Nigeria or even Manchester.
  10. I rather think that the residents of The Falklands would disagree with you there.
  11. Breeze84

    Breeze84 New commenter

    ........ as would the residents of California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas if told by Vanessa Redgrave that they were actually living 'en tierra mexicana'. Don't suppose we'll hear Mr Penn voicing that opinion too loudly any time soon.

    All the same, have to agree that the Argentines do have a claim and if it hadn't been for the 82 war, we would probably have some sort of agreement in place already
  12. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Sure they do.
    Do you also believe in the tooth fairy?
  13. Breeze84

    Breeze84 New commenter

    In my house, I am the tooth fairy, so yes I do.

    I guess having lived in Argentina for a number of years may have had its influence on me.

    If the Isle of White had been occupied by the Argentines as part of some marauding 19th colonial adventure, you would, as a potential 'dyed in the wool' patriot, be the first to scream blue murder.

    Jaw jaw is better than war war.
  14. Breeze84

    Breeze84 New commenter

    2368 posts? To quote Borges, "Write less, read more."

  15. Oh dear, Breeze84, you're talking breeze as your name suggests. The Isle of "White" does not exist....[​IMG]
  16. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    It's all about self-determination. If the people there want to be British, fine. If they want to be Argentinian, or Bulgarian, or whatever, equally fine...
  17. Breeze84

    Breeze84 New commenter

    I always preferred my Pompey friend's nickname: The Isle of *****.

    Hats off to you Bobby Dazzler
    - spelling pedantry is a dieing art
  18. On a serious note - both Thatcher and Galtieri had to keep their agendas afloat. Lovely people.
  19. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Of course. The Argentine claim is more substantial than the tooth fairy of Karvol's jibe, albeit still based on the eternal land-grab, we-were-here-first, fight-you-for-it, fork-orf 'reasoning' that also underpins the British claim and the whole dismal saga of colonialism. Or of all property rights, for that matter, said Bakhunin.
    Legalistically, the sillier Argie historians will bang on about the treaty of Tordesillas (1494) which divided the entire New World between the crowns of Spain and Portugal.
    Under the terms of this treaty the Malvinas are clearly Argentina's, and Australia belongs to Spain, or now to its successor Chile.
    So look out Gillard, as soon as the Chilenos have decided your mob are decadent enough, they'll be across the Pacific like a rat up a drainpipe to link with aboriginal fifth-column insurrectionists, Papuan headhunters, Indonesian Islamists and Chinese businessmen, to expel the pink-faced usurpers for ever. Rotten luck on all those saffas who've fled their own 'liberated' nation for Oz, only to find themselves cleaning a Chilean general's boots or mercy-flown on an RAF Hercules to a refugee camp on the Yorkshire Moors.
    Correct, for the Foreign Office were desperate to get rid of the Malvinas in the 70s. They were no longer strategically important in the age of the nuclear submarine, and was not yet suspected that there might be oil fields in the vicinity.
    So the residents' acquired rights were as belittled in London as those of the white settlers in Kenya or Rhodesia when the Brits gave those countries back (sort of) to the Africans, and the UK government would have washed its hands of them with same cool mercantile hypocrisy as Napoleon selling the Louisianans to Jefferson and Madison, or Chris Patten handing over Hong Kong.
    The Argie dictadura mis-read the signals, failed to see how desperate Mrs T.'s position was in the UK, and thought we would look the other way when they moved in. The rest is history but not, alas, silence.
    The UN will effectively back Argentina's claim sooner or later. They will not, daft as they may be, pass a resolution revindicating the rights of the tooth fairy.

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