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Faith in Action- the perfect baby

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by tooyoung1, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. .. Hi All!

    Hope everyone is ok! Just a quick question- I have this down loadedon a CD which was given to me in a 'resources swapping session' with another school- i was playing it, it seems that its cut out after 3 mins and no longer wants to work! this saddens me :-( Any ideas if i can download it anywhere?? It seem like ita an old channel 4 programme?

    TY X
  2. You can download the video from Teachers TV along with all the others in the same series.
  3. i am assuming you are talking about the Joanna Jepson story, on faith in action? you've got me thinking! i was going to say that's an easy one to solve, you can find it on the teachers tv site. However i checked and it has gone. so i had a look at the bbc learning zone and what a surprise, it has also gone but i am sure i saw it there! now i am wondering what the politics are here ... i have a copy on my laptop and at school but it won't email to you! if you can't find a solution and this is what you want, post me a memory stick and i will copy it for you. Meanwhile i will email teachers tv and try and find out why they have dumped this excellent resource!
  4. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    If you use http://drive.123-reg.co.uk/ and set up an account, you can upload MASSIVE files (up to 10 gig) to there, then just share the pass word

    makes life much easier than posting memory sticks etc.

    PS teachers TV no longer post it because they have been asked to removed it by C4 or who ever holds the copy rights for the show.
  5. thanks for the tip Gandalf, you learn something new ...i will gladly upload this file if it is wanted. i have emailed channel 4 learning to ask why they have removed this resource, not just from teachers tv but from their shop. we need all the good quality films we can find and these were some of the best available.
  6. Hi arowen, I have been searching for The Perfect Baby video to use with Y11 classes next week but have drawn a blank with Teachers TV etc. Used it last year but don't seem to have saved a copy. Would be really appreciative if there was someway I could receive a copy. gswift

  7. Thanks, the film downloaded fine. Much appreciate your help.
  8. I too want to pass on a big thanks for this. I have the 'Strength to Quit' documentary downloaded but have lost this one and again couldn't find it on Teachers TV.
    Thanks for providing this! Saved my bacon for last lesson today!
  9. Hi is this film file still accessible on this website? Have tried to log in with no luck and would love to get hold of the Faith in Action Joanna Jepson video as have used it in previous years and hadnt downloaded it from the internet. If you could let me know that would be fab. Many thanks

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