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Fairyland P1 Topic

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by Sparkly Shoes, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. I am looking for advice from anyone who has done the Fairyland topic before. I am planning on using Fairyland as a play-based topic for my class this term. I have the book from Learning Unlimited which provides an outline about introducing the topic (with the glitter trail and the letter from the dragon) and a linear plan but I was wondering in practice how you have planned/carried it out? What did you focus on? What activities did you do and how did you plan for play - was it all free choice? did you set groups and rotate these?

    I am planning on doing a new fairy tale every week. I am going to plan lots of play activities linked to each weeks fairy tale whilst transforming the classroom into Fairyland and completing the various d-mail tasks. I am keen to try this topic so any suggestions appreciated.
  2. weegoose

    weegoose New commenter

    I am jealous! At my school every class does the same learning context for the term which are pre-decided at the start of the year. So irrelevant to my wee P1's and no scope to take on their interests. I hope you have a fab time teaching through this!

    I haven't used this topic but have read about people doing similiar things. They set up groups and rotated their play/choosing activities throughout the week.
  3. Dee-Dee the dragon visited our P1 class this week. The children were thrilled to find a glitter trail to their classroom and a scorched letter. They invited me to the class to ask if it was OK if they didn't get all of their usual work done this term because they wanted to save Fairyland - so cute!
    This is the second time we have used the theme and my advice would be to use it as a great opportunity to get the kids to plan the learning/activities with you.
    They have already started to transform the classroom - with a huge beanstalk (also planning a castle).
    Focusing on a fairytale a week is a great start and there are so many great resources about. The Paperbag Princess is a good for language work.
    We are also hoping to have a Fairytale Ball and the class are writing a short show to share with the school at the end of term. Have fun!

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