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Fair planning in a two form entry

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Mehra, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Mehra

    Mehra New commenter


    I am a part time teacher who takes the afternoon subjects in a two form entry.

    In the mornings my colleague who works in the same class as me plans the maths and the other class teacher plans the literacy.

    I am planning most of the foundation subjects, whilst the other class teacher plans one of the afternoon subject. At the beginning of the year we were planning on sharing the planning but it seems that the bulk of the planning for foundation subjects has fallen to me.

    On Monday I plan both subjects in the afternoon,I plan one lesson on Tuesday afternoon where the other teacher has PPA time but her HLTA has agreed to plan the other subject. Wednesday; we simply do spellings and then another subject which I plan. Then on Thursday other teacher plans one lesson whilst I plan the other. So out of all the subjects Monday to Thursday I plan a total of 4/7 subjects aswell as a big write lesson (which I do not teach) on a Friday: so a total of 5.

    The other subjects that are planned are a total of 3/7. Friday we all have PPA.

    Seeing as this was a two form entry school, I thought I would be considered as the other half of the teacher that teaches my class in the mornings. So thought that it would be fair if the planning in the afternoon would be shared out equally aswell.

    I suggested: in one term one teacher plans 3 lessons and the other 4, and then the next term it is switched over.

    Am I being unreasonable here or does my method seem to be fair?
  2. Calamity54321

    Calamity54321 New commenter

    I was tired - removed!
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    If you teach the afternoon lessons, then it has to be you who plans them surely?
    Being afternoon lessons, you also have much less marking than those teaching maths and English in the mornings.

    You are counting (examples) maths as one morning subject and art as one afternoon subject per week. But the work needed to plan a week of maths is massively more than that needed to plan a week of art.
    At the moment:
    Teacher 1 plans maths, 5 lessons
    Teacher 2 plans English, 5 lessons
    You plan afternoons, 5 lessons.

    I think you are being utterly nonsensical.
  4. Mehra

    Mehra New commenter

    Ok fair enough thanks for your feedback
  5. Senco84

    Senco84 New commenter

    I found that I'd rather plan my own as I would always tweak someone else's planning anyway.
    Lara mfl 05 likes this.
  6. Mehra

    Mehra New commenter

    Hmm yes you are right. I do find I like to tweek plans too.

    I spoke to NUT today but they also said that I should not be considered as an additional adult but rather the 'other half of the other teacher', so the planning in the afternoon should also be shared equally. They said that I do have a basis for my argument.

    I was looking for other peoples opinion as well but the consensus here seems to suggest that it appears to be fair. I am unsure to bring this up as a point to my team because judgments could be considered as very subjective I guess.
  7. Mehra

    Mehra New commenter

    I think I would definitely be planning the subjects in the afternoon if I am teaching them, and I do this. However because of the arrangement where it is a two form entry school the planning between both year groups is shared. I job share with the other teacher, only working in the afternoons. The mornings are shared equally but the afternoons are not, as I plan most of them for myself as well as for the other teacher.
  8. Landofla

    Landofla Established commenter

    So I take it the other teacher uses your planning? If so, then it should defo be shared.
  9. Mehra

    Mehra New commenter

    Yes you are correct! thanks for your feedback. Spoke to my union again. They have said that the school has a duty of care, and that planning should be shared pro rata. Thought I would put this out there incase anyone else has issues with the amount of planning that should be done.

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