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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Greenteaaddict, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Fainting is caused by lots of things which lower the supply of blood to the brain. Usually the blood pressure goes very low, so it would be very rare for a panic attack to cause a faint. They do however cause you to feel faint. It's probably nothing to worry about but you must get it checked. I fainted in hospital of all places. Was visiting my terminally ill mother in law. I started feeling funny and started to go and my hubby caught me. He shouted for a nurse who put a blood pressure monitor on me and my blood pressure had plummited. I was only out for a few seconds but they rushed me to casualty to check my heart. I had every test there was and nothing was found. In a very small number of cases it can be problems with your heart and it really needs ruling out. The weird thing was that the episode started panic attacks in me for a couple of months afterwards. It was the fear of feeling faint...I remember feeling hot before it happened so everytime I felt hot I started to panic. Our classroom was like an iceburg with windows open and me in tshirts lol. Oh and I could often be seen marching around the playground to use up the adrenalin. Horrible feeling!
    I remember my daughter at about 10 years old fainted one morning and the doctor checked her over and said it was just jumping up too quickly out of bed. Maybe you just need to take it a bit easier. Positional blood pressure can be a reason for it too. I think everyone must have that feeling sometimes that when they stand up too quickly they feel dizzy. Well it's basically that but the blood pressure doesn't adjust as quickly as it should and you faint. There are lots of reasons and sometimes doctors never find a reason. I still don't know why I fainted all the doctor could say was that it was probably because the ward was hot, which I personally think is rubbish. I have been hotter than that before!

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