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Faintest of faint lines...dare I begin to hope...?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Complicated_Bear, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Oh CB - big hug from me. Cd1maybe - yesterday?
  2. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    So sorry CB! (())
  3. sabby81

    sabby81 New commenter

    So sorry to hear your news. I think it's natures way of saying hang in there-you can and you will have a baby. Take care of yourself xxx
  4. Oh no!
    So sad to hear that - I was really hoping things will work out for you.
    Life is too cruel sometimes.
    Sending you big hugs and lots of love - take care
  5. HCG had only gone down 6 between Monday and Wednesday, from 127 to 121. They've asked me to go in and have ANOTHER blood test tomorrow, but they didn't say why. They still haven't actually come out and told me I've mc'd, even though I blatently have! I feel like a pincushion :-(
    On the plus side, bleeding has slowed right back down today, back to just spotting so at least I feel more comfortable now.
  6. Oh, and also meant to say thanks to everyone, I'm finding today much easier than the past couple. Just have to get through a family weekend now, but hopeful now that I've got my emotions more under control that it should be ok. OH has warned the closest family members what has happened, as they tend to always ask us when we're going to start producing children. This can be hard enough whilst TTC anyway as I'm sure many of you understand, and he didn't want them to start asking innocently this weekend and cause me/him any additional upset. So fingers crossed it will be fine!!
  7. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Take care of yourself CB xxx
  8. take care of yourself x

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