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Faintest of faint lines...dare I begin to hope...?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Complicated_Bear, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Huge congrats, CB!! I had spotting too but am now four days overdue. If anything worries you then get it checked out as early scans are very reassuring and the HCG levels in your blood are a close second. Sounds perfectly timed as implantation bleeding though. Mine was probably a UTI at the time. Take care xx
  2. Thanks everyone! It hasn't really sunk in yet, and yes, I do keep going and looking at the words on the test! Reading all your lovely messages, and especially the ones that you said you were welling up as well made me smile, but also cry again myself. Maybe I can blame hormonites now?
    Barely any spotting so far today so fingers crossed that is stopping now. Quite a lot of cramping, especially when moving around. Hoping that it's normal, and just little bean getting comfy. Trying to take things easy in case it helps (Or am I making excuses hehe?).
  3. Congratulations CB!!!!

    What a lovely way to start term! Look after yourself, and enjoy the walking on air feeling!
  4. Hormonites? Sounds cool, but I meant hormones!
  5. Cramping is pretty normal by the way. I remember feeling like I was always on the verge of a stitch but nothing would come of it. And also feeling cramps on one side, then on the other and sometimes in the middle. Plus lots of 'wet' feeling too. All sounding normal!
    Good luck with the next 8 months (as think about it, you're already a month in!).
    Make sure you take a photo of the test for when the window goes blank, you will be glad you did. I loved seeing those words and kept smiling when I looked at the test.
    I kept getting that wet feeling in the early days and when I went to the toilet I would drop my knickers and be convinced I would see AF. I also got cramping. I think this is normal. No, not an excuse, do make sure you take it easy. Look after yourself and make sure you rest - you have a little one to look after now!
    By the way, I could not wait for the 12 week scan so I went for a private scan at 8 weeks. It was well worth the money (about 60 quid I think) - I was so teary when they showed us the heartbeat.
    Keep well and here is to a happy and healthy 9 months x
  7. Yayyyyyyyyy! Congratulations Complicated! So very very happy for you! Take care. x x
  8. sabby81

    sabby81 New commenter

    Thinking of how excited you must be this evening! I agree - take a pic of the test as the screen goes blank within 24 hours! Awww I still check for spotting and I'm 7 months now - just think it shows how much these little babies are so loved and wanted. All that waiting will make you appreciate every day all the more! Now it's time to start counting down the days until the 12 week scan :)
  9. [​IMG] Yesterday I thought the spotting had stopped which I was really pleased about, but today it is back. Wasn't sure when to go see the doctor to let them know I'm pregnant, but might go soon so I can mention the spotting, although I'm sure there's nothing they can do and will just tell me to wait and see if it goes away or gets heavier. I'm actually finding myself pleading with my bean to stay sticky and safe!!
  10. sweetsaregood

    sweetsaregood New commenter

    CB, try to take it easy,im thinking positive thoughts for you.
    If its just brown I don't think its anything to worry about. I think you are very sensible to try to get to the docs and speak to them, it may result in an early scan. My early m/c at 5 wks was very painful and i had very heavy blood flow - bright red and clots. so try not to panic too much - easier said than done.

  11. sabby81

    sabby81 New commenter

    Given your history, I think you should go and get checked out for peace of mind if nothing else. As sweetsaregood says, you will probably be given an internal scan to check all is ok x
  12. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    A little late, I know, but I wanted to pop in and say congrats on your bfp. I really hope it's a sticky one for you!
  13. Hey complicated, I've not logged on for a while as ive been a bit snowed under. I was so happy to read this thread. Congratulations and I really really have everything crossed that this one is sticky and you have a healthy 9 months ahead of you. Hope that I can join you next month :)
  14. Just back from EPU for 6 week scan. They couldn't see anything, on normal ultrasound or internal one. Have had a blood test, and have to go back for another on Wednesday, before finding out what they say on Thursday. Very upset at the moment.
  15. [​IMG]
    Big hugs Complicated Bear. I can't say much except that i'm thinking of you. xxx
  16. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    Thinking of you!! Take care
  17. Dont give up hope yet ... There is still a chance.
    6 weeks scan are always tricky which is why the are so reluctant to scan before that time.
    Thinking of you and have everything crossed
    Hoping for good news - keep in there I know how hard waiting is
    Take care xxx
  18. Thanks Jane. Hope has almsot run out. Woke up this morning with AF style cramps. Bleeding heavier although still reasonably lightish....had a clot earlier so think that's it. My only tiny last shred of hope is that my mum, after having 2 early mc's, thought she was having another whilst pregnant with me. The doctors ended up being pretty convinced that I had been one of a set of twins, and that she had lost one but not me. A pretty slim hope, but it is the reason I'm still going to go and have the 2nd blood test tomorrow so I can be sure.
    Also took my temperature this morning, first time for 2 weeks as I stopped after BFP, as I read elsewhere about people being worried when temperature drops slightly during pregnancy, when this can be normal. Mine was deifnitely lower than 2 weeks ago, only a little above my coverline for last month, although it dropped below the coverline 2 days before my BFP. WIll see what Thursday brings.
  19. Thinking about you CB I hope your blood test went ok and praying you get good news tomorrow xxx
  20. Thank you! The blood test on monday was extremely painful, never felt one like it, but todays was much better, more what I would expect (however, todays one is more painful now as it's created a lovely bruise; can't win!).
    Although I don't get the full results until tomorrow, I did get told Monday's figures today and they pretty much confirm mc. HCG was 127 (based on what level of HCG the clearblue digital picks up, and when I took that test, I would have expected it to be at least 1600 on Sunday, let alone Monday), and progesterone level was 5 (apparently they would expect it to be at least 30 if I was still pregnant).
    So, onto a delayed month 11 it is. Trouble is, not sure what day to count as CD1...yesterday when the cramps started and the bleeding got heavy? Or one day last week as it was around then it must have all have gone wrong? Or Monday when the tests were done? So confused.
    On a more depressing note, I mentioned again my concerns about my progesterone levels each cycle, and he told me that I should wait until I've been trying 18-24 months before I request testing, or until I've had my 3rd mc (I've had 2 now, although the first was way back in 2008 when we weren't even TTC). So, have to put my faith in Agnus Castus etc instead.

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