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Failing Threshold Assessment

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by aysegul, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. As I understand it is entirely in headteacher's hands to pass or fail a threshold application for upper pay scheme. What happens if a teacher fails the assessment and headteacher somehow justifies his decision? My first question is that when can this teacher apply for threshold again? And also what happens if the teacher decides to go to another school after this disappointment? How does moving to another school effect this application process?
  2. longitude

    longitude New commenter

    Have you thought about appealing against the decision? I'm assuming your ht gave reasons although I get the impression you don't agree ("somehow justifies"). Have you spoken to your local union officer - your school rep will have the contact details if you haven't - who will help you with the appeal. Obviously it is possible you just didn't meet the standards but these days it is equally possible that the reasons are financial. i.e. The school does not want to pay you the money you have a right to.
  3. Although I haven't actually applied yet, I have wondered what to do if my application fails. Another question please, is there anyone or anywhere I can get support in backing up why I should be gualifying over the threshold to go to upper pay scheme? Thanks very much.

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