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Failing Teacher Training

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by PearlJosh, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. PearlJosh

    PearlJosh New commenter

    Evening all

    I have been training as an English teacher for over four terms now. I started with no real experience in September 2014.

    Today I had my final two observations.
    Although I shared my lessons with our professional mentor, (Who I trust) and we given good feedback on the first one, (the second one I sent fairly late)... I have failed my visit and not been passed by the assessor.

    I have made lots of progress over the last year, I have been told this on several occasions and over my observations from my professional mentor and head of department been given mostly 'Goods' with two or three 'Outstandings'...

    So how can this happen?
    I was told that my lessons were flawed, although I am sure they demonstrated some great learning and pupils for the most part were very engaged. The lessons were not different to anything else I have done while here and getting those 'Goods' and 'Outstandings'. My marking was a little behind for one of the classes. I admit this and could perhaps have prioritised the marking of that class given I knew they were being watched. I have been in the process of doing all their books this week and accept that perhaps I should've done it last week. The other class was not my set, and so the marking wasn't looked at.

    Other than the lessons, I also had an interview with my assessor which I don't believe I was prepared for. I was told he 'may' want to see some of my evidence, and was given a laptop to work with to showcase it, in case he did. The word I had been told was 'discussion', not 'interview'. There is obviously a huge difference and I was a little flummoxed by some his questions consequently.

    I am worried that today I came across as badly prepared or lazy. I feel misled by both my school and the training program who had not set me up to understand exactly what was expected of me. I do not use the word 'unfair' very often, it's overused and just reminds me of pupils who have been caught out doing the wrong thing... But I feel today has been very unfair. I was meant to be celebrating my status as an NQT this evening and now I feel awful and like I couldn't really have done anything differently. I am not even sure if I will get another go.

    Is this the end of my teaching career?
    Do things like this happen very often?
    Thanks for any advice or thoughts or anything.

  2. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    Sorry I don't understand - what training programme have you done? Why was it over 4 terms, and why is it finishing now a couple of weeks into a fifth term?
  3. PearlJosh

    PearlJosh New commenter

    The program is HCUK's Straight 2 Teach. It's allegedly a 'flexible' programme. Initially it was meant to last 3 terms but then my professional mentor wanted me to take one more term. I begrudgingly agreed to this. Then things just moved extremely slowly. That's the chaotic truth.
  4. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    One of the problems with flexible learning is that there can be a lack of both support and clear feedback. In a nutshell you have to present the evidence to "claim" QTS.
    If you feel the process has been flawed and that you have been misled then you need to follow the complaints procedure. You need to act now and also consult your union to get their support.
  5. purplecarrot

    purplecarrot Senior commenter

    I was going to say something similar. On more flexible routes it's often on the trainee to prove that they have hit the required standard and different placement schools may have different ideas of where that standard is (not saying it's right but I've picked trainees up with 'goods' who I felt were barely satisfactory from other settings).
    Contact your union and make sure you have all your evidence together. As for books being a bit behind, find me a teacher in the UK who is always perfectly up to date with that.
  6. PearlJosh

    PearlJosh New commenter

    I have now got the union involved.
    Thanks for your reply, Carrot.

    My headteacher has told me in no uncertain terms that because I failed, the school will not assist me with any kind of appeal.
    I feel completely thrown under the bus right now. Is it hard to start training a for a second time a year or two down the line? Will I be wanted if I was already flunked off one previously?
  7. chicme

    chicme New commenter

    I'd feel the same. I'm sorry this. I'm a trainee with the same provider as you and the support isn't great tbh. I have no advise but I really hope the union can help me. FC for you.
  8. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    This sounds like a red flag that things were perhaps not going as well as you thought?

    I remember as a trainee (and NQT, actually) being very dependent on the training provider and school to tell me what I needed to do at each stage of the process. They are the experienced ones while you are new to the profession. It's a shame that you feel you were not prepared enough for what lay ahead.
  9. PearlJosh

    PearlJosh New commenter

    Yeah it was a little concerning.
    Still, a colleague of mine who had gone through S2T had had the same thing happen to her and it seemed like part and parcel of simply being given less support than others I knew who were on Schools Direct / Teach First.

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