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Failing NQT

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by GloriaSunshine, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    Although people will tell you that you can't 'fail' terms, it does seem as if genuine weaknesses have been identified and that there are still problems. Your plan sounds reasonable but I think you really need union support. You should know who your union rep in school is, but bypass him/her and ocnsult your local branch or regional rep. Whatever you do, you need support with negotiations to give you the best chnce of finding a post in another school and completing induction successfully.
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Realistically if you remain at the school and go into the third term you need to be sure of achieving a pass but from what you wrote that sounds unlikely. If you do leave it keeps the option of completing a final term somewhere else and of gaining supply work. A number of NQTs have taken this option and then worked on supply to gain wider experience( you can do 16 months on non induction supply initially) returning to satisfactorily complete induction at a later stage. Going into the final term and failing does not leave you any options apart from complaint to the GTCE but if there has been the action plan, support and training deployed appropriately then you would have no real argument.
    Do discuss these options with your union
  3. But if I leave in May/june half term - doesn't that mean that the last term will not be completed?
    My goal is to see if it works with a new mentor.

  4. ... sorry continuing here....
    But if I leave in May/june half term - doesn't that mean that the last term will not be completed? And I can complete a third term elsewhere?
    My goal is to see if it works with a new mentor.

  5. Has anyone been in this position - where NQT has failed 2 terms and continued in the school and passed?
  6. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    Yes, but it doesn't seem to be just your mentor. You suggest that SMT and LA observers also have concerns. You really need to negotiate with school - if you stay longer than the school want you to, insisting on leaving on your own terms you may find that your reference (especially 'off the record' conversations) is less favourable. That's why it makes sense to negotiate with union support.
    If you're planning on moving away from the area, this might not matter so much but if you stay in the same LA or nearby, it's risky. If you apply to nearby school, chances are that somebody on SMT or a governor will know somebody at your present school.

  7. Hi you do need some independent help and advice from your union and they need to help you decide on the best course of action for you. The school may well be outstanding but that does not mean that you have to be outstanding to pass - you need to meet the core standards. The school and actions and you seem to be delivering improvement so you need an independent perosn to act with you to look carefully at your situation and advise on the best coutrse of action for you.
  8. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    Well, yes, but negotiate. Get a union rep onside and come up with something that is agreed with the school. If a school has unhappy parents and students not learning, they need to act in the interests of the school and students. That's not to say that the NQT's situation is not a consideration, just that it's not the only one and so something needs to be worked out.
  9. Random175

    Random175 New commenter

    The school may help you find a placement more suited to your style of teaching. I have known that happen to at least a couple of trainees in my present school, and they passed their third term in their new schools.
  10. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    Hi just a bit of maths

    1/8 passed 1st term
    4/8 second term

    So getting better! and that's 5 observations. Surely you only need 6 - I did with one from borough.
    You don't sound like you are failing? Maybe the school is assessing you against Ofsted criteria not the Cs. Also they sound unprofessional as you should have been given a set of SMART targets against major weaknesses with help, support advice and training to meet the standards.The whole induction process seems to me a matter of self inflated egos at certain schools.
    In my NQT year I failed an observation and it was binned, given advice and passed the next one with a good. Then that was filed. But that was a good dep head who had communication skills, integrity and professionalism. Maybe you need to find a school with SLT with these attributes!
  11. Hello. I am an NQT, I trained in ks1/2. I did long term supply from march last year to the end of the summer term, and they gave me a permanent job. They placed me in reception.
    I failed my second term yesterday, and to be perfectly honest, I deserved to fail, the lesson was awful.
    But I still feel completely devastated. It's been a really hard second half of the spring term, there's been a lot of pressure on all the foundation staff, lots of improvements to make etc.
    My year band partner has been off all week, we had the same supply teacher in all week, who was also an NQT and had no experience in foundation.
    I just don't know what to do. I hate myself so much for failing, and right now, I really don't want to carry on. They seem to expect so much from me, and I have been saying all along that I am not as good as they think I am, and I have now shown that to them.
    I just wondered what advice you can give me, I can't afford to fail my NQT year. What does failing your second term actually mean? I have no idea at all.
    I am really sorry if my post is all jumbled.
  12. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    Did you really, though? While you can't 'fail' a term, you can be told that you are not meeting standards. Is that what happened, or was it just one unsatisfactory observation?
    If you're not meeting standards, you need to know which one and agree with your mentor a plan to remedy this. If you had one bad lesson, you need to agree targets for improving your classroom practice and show progress in your next observation.
    Are you, perhaps, panicking a bit?


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