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failed to get a place on a pgce course...

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by livvie89, May 7, 2012.

  1. I failed to get on a primary pgce course for 2011-12 and reapplied for 2012-13 and have now failed a second time. I am at a loss to know what to do. I have done work experience at various primary schools including 3 weeks last sept (2011), 2 weeks in sept 2010, and a 2hr weekly volunteering session during spring term 2011. I have recently spent time abroad, including a month spent volunteering with deprived children in peru, organising games and activities during their summer holidays. Despite all this experience I have not got onto a course this year. I am beginning to wonder whether I should consider a different career (although I wouldnt have a clue what) as it seems like applying a third time would be a waste of time, after all I cant just keep applying year after year forever. I was wondering whether anyone else has been through similar issues trying to get on a pgce course and what people think I should do?
  2. It may be worth trying to ask someone in the know what is missing from your application. Try emailing where you applied and attach your application. Maybe someone on here is on an interview panel for PGCEs and would take a look at it for you before you give up altogether??? Chin up.
  3. Have you asked the institutions for feedback of your application/interviews? This is usually really helpful. I know when I was unsuccessful last year, the feedback I got really helped my application for this year.
  4. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I didn't have a place on a PGCE course, thanks to a very inept university and the fact I then went travelling. At the end of the August I saw the IoE still had places part-time, so went for an interview. I got put on the waiting list. A week later, at the beginning of September, they rang me saying they had a place on the course and could I start the next day!
    I'm now 3 years on from the end of my course (part-time, but I didn't care!) and still loving it. I will never forget, though, how it all hinged on that Tuesday evening phone call one early September evening.
    Keep trying, because it might still happen for you!
  5. Have you thought about the Open University? I think they have 5 intakes a year so that would mean that you wouldn't have to wait another year to apply.
  6. andy1965

    andy1965 New commenter

    Phone up the course tutor before applying and talk through what has happened in the past and what would help your application. Ask if you can come and see them to discuss it in person if possible. They will hopefully then see your enthusiasm and remember you. I did this and was told to phone them personally if i was not selected for interview through normal channels. Luckily I was selected, and was then interviewed by the person I had spoken to.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. My problem isnt with getting selected for interview but being offered a place after interview. Both times I have applied I have been interviewed but not offered a place on the course. I emailed the uni and asked for feedback but havent heard back from them at all. I am considering applying a third time, im happy to apply again, but i just dont know what to do in the meantime. Im thinking about applying for TA jobs but there seems to be very few in my area. What have other people done job/volunteering wise whilst reapplying?
  8. andy1965

    andy1965 New commenter

    Don't give up! Emails are easy to ignore, phone them, and keep phoning till you get through and get some feedback. Places come up on PGCE's right up to the death. I was offered one at a uni that had turned me down, three days before the start of term, as I was on a list of people they would like to have offered places to if they had had them. By then I had secured one elsewhere, but it shows people drop out and places become available. Good luck.
  9. Hi
    If your struggling to get a teaching assistant job try signing up for supply work. This will give you a rally wide range of experience to rely on in your next interview and give you a chance to work with lots of different kids. Please don't give up I know others who have had to apply 3 times. Keep pushing for feedback and then new time you'll know how to improve your interview technique

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