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Failed GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Conrad81, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Conrad81

    Conrad81 New commenter

    Hey I was told I have failed the GTP after a year today.
    What I want to know is, can I actually fail? I say this because, I have had NO warnings and NO procedures have been put in place to help me or to steer me in the right track
  2. You need to go into a lot more detail about exactly what happened.
  3. Conrad81

    Conrad81 New commenter

    Today was my assessment of my teaching and folders. Teaching has been fine, and I have had a mix of 1's and 2's in my observations. Fine.
    My folders have been graded by my mentor previously as a 2, in my last two assessment points. Fine.
    We went through the folders yesterday, albeit briefly, as he never went through all the standards, just the first three, and flicked through the pages. My mentor gave me some notes and all was ready and well for my assessment today.
    Come today and my assessed lesson went ok. But the assessor called in my mentor, and the training programme manager to say that I had failed as the folders weren't up to scratch!
    This was never flagged up, and my mentor had not given any inclination that this was going to happen, or put any risk of fail or cause for concern procedures into place.
    I have been given until Monday to get it all up to scratch. I'm worried, because I'm not sure whether I will now pass or not. Should I contact my union?
  4. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Yes be prepared to look for support from your union and particularly check the appeals proceedure which the training provider needs to follow.However your first focus should be on jumping through the hoops to get your portfolio up to standard.
    You should have received guidance about the portfolio and mapping of standards; in my experience there is usually excessive information about this in your student guide or handbook. There should also be a belt and bracers approach giving ample opportunities to meet standards throughout the programme.
  5. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    Don't Panic! (I know, easy for me to say..)

    You haven't "failed". You've not provided sufficient evidence to pass. Believe it or not, that's a very different thing and isn't that unusual.

    They should have told you what about your folders didn't meet the standard - and they've given you until Monday to do something about that. Was it evidence of marking? Well, get some books in tomorrow, spend Thursday night marking them and photocopy some pages showing your comments.. Reflections on lessons? Write some up tonight.. Work with EAL/SEN - highlight (or go back and edit) lesson plans showing where you'd differentiated for EAL/SEN.. etc.

    You've got some midnight oil to burn between now and Monday, and you can even use any plans you're going to use between now and then. Copy your register and mark book to show you were assessing - write some notes on some of your lesson plans showing how you linked marking to future lessons.

    But you can do this. And so what if every lesson you teach next week is a "read this, do the worksheet" or "let's all watch a video"!
  6. Conrad81

    Conrad81 New commenter

    Thank you welsh wizard! There was guidance in the student guide, but I think that help from a mentor that was supposed to support me, would of definitely been favourable to me going alone like this.
    I'm to bang out the portfolios, and if I do still fail, then I will go down the tribunal route.
  7. Conrad81

    Conrad81 New commenter

    Haha! Thanks for the advice, it certainly makes it seem doable! The assessor, gave me a list of standards that had insufficient evidence, and told me to get mapping! It's a big stress at the moment, but I had to believe that I can do it! Just feels like a bit of a stress at the moment because every other GT has passed already :/
  8. GeeMarie

    GeeMarie New commenter

    I don't have any extra advice- what you've been given is excellent. I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK and I'm sorry to hear you haven't been warned- can't believe your mentor wasn't checking this!
    Make sure you relax when it's all over.
  9. Conrad81

    Conrad81 New commenter

    Than you! I'm going to be working on it all over the weekend in the hope that I can do it all and pass!
    My mentor wasn't keeping an eye on anytihng!
  10. Good luck with it :)
    A colleague of mine was in a similar position to you and they had been told they had used evidence that was very similar for each standard rather than a variety - when she went back through everything she had kept she realised she had evidence. You have to get creative. Good evidence can include:
    Lesson observations (include a variety from mentors and other observers - the more observers the better); Witness statements (these were good to prove working with and directing TAs or other adults); Lesson plans; Reflective journals; Lesson evaluations; Uni assignments; Longer term planning for a unit or topic; Children's work; Children comments they wrote for their reports; children's self/peer assessments; marking; mark sheets/assessment spreadhseets; child protection paperwork (with children's names removed); referal paperwork (as before with names removed); staff meeting minutes; evidence of group/INSET training/notes/tasks at school or uni; your academic reading log; home school diaries (photocopy entries); photos; logs of meetings; mentor meeting logs; observations you have done of others; subject audits and action plans; CPD logs.
    I am sure there are others that I have forgotten :)
  11. Conrad81

    Conrad81 New commenter

    Thank you ever so much! That was my assessors feedback, that there wasn't variety or enough range. What you have written has helped me loads and made me reflect on the the evidence that I actually have, but haven't used!
    I have until monday, still going through and making improvements. I'll you you know how I get on!
  12. Hi
    I have just done GTP, if you struggling for ideas for evidence let me know what standards you need - my folders stressed me out so much, was up til 1/2/3 in morning for a full week getting them ready!! so frustrating finding evidence for some of the standards!
  13. Hi
    I am a week away from verification - my folders are all done - so if I can help in any way please let me know - check to see if any of your evidence can do double duty for other standards and as others have said witness statements are great as you can tailor them to weaker areas.
    Hope it all goes well for you
  14. Conrad81

    Conrad81 New commenter

    thanks man! What did you do for Q standard 13?
  15. Dont worry, I only just passed today-my folder was ok but the lesson fell to pieces! Happy to help with anything-dont panic you haven't failed. Its not in the interest of the school or the GTP to fail you, and a week to get sorted should be fine. It's a case of going through your training log, use your assessments their brilliant evidence. Highlight everything that is relevant to that standard, they like that. Photocopies of your markbook, trackers or online assessments you use for the students work well as they show ICT and assessment. If you need anything give us a shout,
  16. Q13 -Q13 know how to use local
    & national statistical information to evaluate the effectiveness of
    teaching, to monitor the progress of those they teach & to raise levels of

    I used some of the data I collected from my second school placement as well as seeing the AHT responsible for RAISEonline and FFT
    I then wrote a reflective log about it as well as looked for some articles in TES or other journals
    I also had a statement from the head who mentioned it and what work I had done
    Hope that helps?
  17. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    Brilliant! It's not often I get to say "I told you so" in a nice way. So.

    Told you so :)

    Well done!
  18. well done!
    it is a nice feeling isn't it!

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