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Fail PGCE but pass QTS?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Maths_Caz, May 24, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    I really would like a definitive answer on this question (yes, I have searched this forum, plus the internet...but have yet to find a clear answer). I ask because I have had all my standards ticked off by both my placements, I've passed the skills tests, I have a job in September....but I'm convinced I'm going to fail my final university assignment! My course provider is one of those that will only let you do the final two assignments at Masters Level (all or nothing), which seems a bit unfair when I know others award PGCE at undergraduate level (with only two to three assignments, whereas I've had to do five....the last two 5000 words each). On my last placement, there was an NQT (from the same course provider as me), who admitted he'd failed his final assignment, and therefore didn't get a PGCE, but it made no difference, as he still got QTS and was able to be an NQT on the main pay scale. My university tutors have hinted (but not confirmed) the same....
  2. Hi,

    How would one find out if they could gain QTS without the PGCE? I have passed the teaching element of the course but have failed the essays on resubmission.
    What should I do?

    Thank you
  3. Speak to your uni - your tutor or course leader. They should be able to spell out your optons for you.
  4. As Alec says, you need to speak directly to the university course leader about their regulations. Also look at your course handbook which should outline what happens about failed resubmissions.
  5. By the way, as the OP, I didn't fail my final assignment.....I got 50% (pass mark 50%!), and am now an NQT, and loving it!
    However, my course provider did allow QTS without passing the PGCE, which happened to a couple of students, who still got teaching posts because they had QTS.
    The only issue was for foreign students, who hoped to go back to their country to teach, but couldn't as they needed a PGCE in their home countries.
  6. Thanks. The regulations state I have to pass every module in order to be recommended for QTS. So, I do not have this recommendation.
    What are my other options? I've contacted other universities regarding transferring my passed credits and units, no luck. I cannot apply for QTS assessment as I am not an expreinced unqualified teacher.
    Not sure what I can do except either repeat a PGCE or enrol on a GTP...or decide to just leave teaching....

  7. So as I understand it you failed your first and second submissions for a module(s) and these are now confirmed fails which will prevent you being recomended for QTS. If this is the case then there is little you can do other than think about trying for a GTP route for QTS assessment. Another PGCE would mean a full course with no bursary and no funding for fees.
    Have you had a conversation with your university tutor to have your position explained to you? It is important that you get a detailed explanation of the regulations and opitons (if any) from the university.
  8. TDA funding manual states a retry of PGCE can be fully funded including bursary if a student is doing a whole course from scratch without any credits being carried over from previous PGCE. But the provider must satisfy themselves that there is a realistic chance of a pass second time around.
    As for getting repeat funding from Student Finance (grant and loans), the position is it isn't normally available if the reason for previous failure to complete was due to unsatisfactory progress. But further funding may not be denied if there were mitigating circumstances. So you may need to argue your case, with submissions from your present tutor.
  9. Marlies

    Marlies New commenter

    I am another one of those poor students (each resunmission costs £90) who failed their last written assignment (got first 49 and then it was reduced to 45 and needed 50 to pass). As I was behind all the other students in my group, who passed in June and then could look for work, due to the fact that I contracted Bells Palsy in my Block B placement, I resubmitted in August and the deadline for resubmission was extended from the 12th August to the end of August for me. My tutor was going to mark it on the 16th August but I just heard that she did not have time that week and just had a look at it now. So yesterday I was told (per email) that I did not pass my resubmission either (was told there are 'many things' still wrong with it but she will have her judgment confirmed by the three other tutors in the department).I was told, also by my tutor, I could not apply for jobs until I passed this assignment and as I have to resubmit this now in September, I certainly have missed the deadline for applying for work in the new school year. This assignment is also at masters level and is a resarch project based on my teaching in Block B. (by the way I have never failed an assignment in my life before). I was told I have two years to resubmit (I think I can resubmit three times?, each time paying £90) but could not apply for jobs in the meantime. How and where could I find out if this information is correct? And also how could I appeal against their decision regarding my assignment? I have passed everything else and had my reviews and passed the skills test first time round. So do you think I have got QTS but not a PGCE (I already got a PGCE in further education anyway).
  10. All of the information you are looking for must be in the academic regulations of your Uni and/or your course handbook. Try reading those.
  11. Hi
    Clearly yours is not a straightforward case, but in general you cannot appeal against an academic decision. Appeals are normally only allowed on the grouds of a failure in procedure which would ultimately affect the outcome of an assessment.
    You should look at the regulations guiding your PGCE as there may be questions you could raise about the link between the assignments and QTS as well as assessment at M or H level.
    First you must establish that the assignment is a necessary part of the assessment for QTS. In some institutions the two are separate and it is possible to gain QTS (the professional part of the course) from the PGCE (the academic part of the course). If the two are linked then you cannot apply for posts as a qualified teacher. You would be able to gain employment in the private sector where QTS is not legally required or as an unqualified teacher in a school where the school is unable to find a person with QTS to fill a particular post.
    Also ask about the level of pass required. Again, in some institutions assignments may be submitted for M level, but could, if they fail to meet M level, gain H level and still pass to allow for QTS to be awarded.
    Do also check on the allowed number of resubmissions. In most instuitutions only two submissions are allowed - a first submission and, if it fails, a resubmission. In such places a fail on a resubmission would mean an outright fail with no retrieval - that said different institutions will have different rules and regulations so do check what your institution's rules are.
    It may also be the case that a failed submission - if there were mitigating ciurcumstances - could be allowed to be resubmittred as a first submission - that is it is treated as if it was thefirst submission - and, should this fail, it would be allowed to be resubmitted.
    University rules and regulkations can be quite complex, so you must secure help in making sure that you understand how the rules and regs apply to you on your course.
  12. Alec is correct here, but my statement related to the funding available via student loans and a second loan to repeat the same course from scratch is not normally available as he indicates.
    The fees that Alec mentions (in theTDA funding manual) are the fees paid to the universities by the TDA (currently) for each trainee we recruit. These fees are different from the standard university fee paid by students. That fee also currently attracts a local authority subsidy which may not be available to anyone deciding to undertake a second PGCE from scratch. You must also add to this the fact that most providers would not entertain giving a place to a failed PGCE student unless there were very compelling mitigating circumstances.

  13. Hi, I've just learned I am unable to get my pgce as I failed the assignment. I passed my skills test and placements leading to qts but can't qualify as the assignments are needed. I was so wondering what route to take now? Can I use my skills test if I apply for gtp or if anybody knows of a different route that could help me get into teaching.

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