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Faculty job but think i have blown it

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by Englishrose34, May 4, 2012.

  1. A job has come up in my school for Faculty head of Science. I teach physics and have done so for 8 years in the same school. I am well known for my excellent attainment records, good discipline and ability to get on very well with staff and pupils. The problem is I have not been on any courses related to leadership and have not really adopted any leadership roles within school. I had been offered many opportunities but due to being the only physics teacher in the department, having a young family, didn't take them. I am now kicking myself, as before now didn't really think promotion was for me. It is tough going being the only teacher and writing new course etc for all the faculty. I do feel i need a new challenge though.

    There are 2 other members of staff applying from my school, who have both been on leadership courses and have been leading some after school groups. Their attainment records are nowhere near as good as mine and do not get on well with staff and pupils as well as i do. There will probably be many external applicants too.

    My question is - should i even bother putting an application in? How much emphasis will be placed on courses and leadership roles? Looking for any advice.

  2. There were paragraphs in this!
  3. newposter

    newposter Occasional commenter

    It is rather a big jump from no responsibility to running a large core subject.

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