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Factors Influencing diet - Observation lesson HELP!!

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by peapod43, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am due to be observed with my year 10 HSC BTEC class on the above topic. I am wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to jazz this topic up a bit, my mind has gone totally blank and it is not my favourite topic area!! They will be looking at how religion, income, media ect effect the dietry choices of service users. Thank you [​IMG]
  2. I did something with a map of a made up area and gave students a person - either individually or as a group so
    Mary is a signle parent living on the second floor of a block of flats, there is no lif and she has two children aged 3 and 5 - the 5 yearold is at school. Mary doesn't, has no car and the supermarket id two bus rides away. The town centre is one bus ride away. The bus fare is £1.20 each journey for her and £0.50 for the eldest child a taxi is £3.50 to town or £5.00 to the supermarket.On her estate is a chip shop and a convenience shop/ off licence. She can get deliveries of pizza and curry.

    Tom and Ben are a health concious couple, they run a health food shop in the centre of the same town as Mary they have two cars and are members of a gym which serves healthy smoothies. They have no children.

    The Aziz familiy are muslim they live out of town and do have a car. Mohammed (dad) works at the supermarket as a manager, Sobia (mum) is a full time mum she has twin girls aged two. They live within walking distance of a mosque and several local shops that sell halal meat.

    Annie Graham is a pensioner, she lives on the ground floor of the block Mary lives in. She has bad arthritis so cannot cook. The council has stopped the meals on wheels service and has a new system where you order frozen meals for a week at a time. Mrs Grahan cane to Britian in 1958 from Jamiaca - she misses Jamaican food.Her husband died 2 years ago and her children do not live near.

    You can go on and add your own ideas, families - as many as you need then you can discuss the needs and practicalities of the group - how easy is it to take two young children on two buses?

    Look at cultural attitudes to food, in the caribean there are beliefs about food containing sugar depending on whether it is grown below or above the earth.
    Take in a pile of takeaway / delivery menus - look at calorie content
    Have a look at McDonalds advertising, KFC, supermarkets.

    You could take food in, samosas, bread and butter with sandich ingredients, tins - get them to work out which is most nutricious.
    look at
    http://www.wiltshirefarmfoods.com/ - a lot of councils use them now.

    Are prices cheaper or more expensive at local shops. Which families will have a freezer?
    Get students to carry a 5Kg bag of potatoes up two flights of stairs - how easy is it - what about with a baby buggy?

    You could add in disabities, in the past I've put wrist splints on students and asked them to do thing. Old glasses with white face paint on the lenses simulate cateracts.

    Give each family an income based on benefits for Mary and and pension for Annie. You can also look at the cost of electricity on prepayment - is it cheaper to cook chips or make a baked potato?
    Just play about with the above and you should get something worth observing

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