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Facing dismissal

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by coldmetal, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    Some may have read - i am off for stress. Probation marked unsuccessful - what happens NOW! The last straw was a observation that I had where I felt i'd had a good lesson with a difficult group and the observer giving feedback immediately after, at first making trite positive comments about a logo quiz i did then said "now to the negative aspects of your lesson, and I can tell you, it's NOT GOOD" she tore my lesson apart listing things as very serious which seemed to me not that important - She said "a girl had an incoming mobile phone call, you never saw it, she didn't answer the call but it was there" - she said there was talking during my lecture and if they are talking they can't be listening and theyre not learning anything - Now I knew there were one or two who make a passing comments to each other during, one of the kids practically has tourettes and as you go through there will be the odd comment to each other but unless it gets bad, rather than halt the flow, one carries on - I knew this group of learners and they can be bad so this day was quite good - Then the real SHOCKER She said the tutorial i gave on a highly complex piece of software and they were getting it even the less able ones, and I know because i been in industry many years, she suggested they may have done just as well if they had of opened the programme and clicked around on their own! It's this kind of comment that makes me want to quit where I'm working and quite the profession - how is this supportive? she also said they may have know what they were doing but they didn't know why they were doing it! she came in half way through! They did - anyway based upon this and other problems where I have not been supported, my probation is marked unsuccessfull - it made me physically sick and I went to doctor for this and she asked me if I had worries - and I poured out my story and she signed me off - not sure what to do - am I now dismissed? How much notice can I give to quit? (my notice period is not in my contract but in Appendix1 which i don't have) or do they need give me? will they try make me work appoint a successor and make me hand over?
  2. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    They should offer targets for you to meet so that you can 'pass' probation; they should have set up NQT mentoring during the year so that you can work through this with your mentor.

    However, they may simply want rid of you. TBH, the constant perceived superiority of 'industry' and your battle with the trained examiner may be what's the real issue here.

    Good luck - you need to take stock and reflect on this in an objective way, which might tell you what you need to do. For what it's worth, my probation was extended as I lacked confidence in some pastoral elements; returning this year (with excellent exam results and having gained some calm), no issues. Probation sorted, thankfully.

    It simply may not be the right school and if you want to try elsewhere with a clean slate, that might be the best option - do you have a union? Mine was helpful in how to deal with a tricky situation and trying not to get too upset....
  3. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I am sorry to hear this.
    Your union should be in the best place to give you reliable advice.
    In the meantime, try to chill.
    It may be that you can negotiate an extension in another school or college. It may be that another career might be the place for your skillset.
  4. RedQuilt

    RedQuilt Star commenter

    The OP works in FE where the 'rules' for probation/NQT are quite different from mainstream or indie education.

    I think union involvement has to be the only way to go.
  5. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    When you say your probation was unsuccessful, what exactly do you mean?
    Are they offering an extension?
    You are an NQT, you'll need to find out if this unsuccessful probation is terminal for your career, or just your placement at this college.

    You will need to work with your union and negotiate what happens next with your college.
    You need to request, or better still get your union to request, a copy of Appendix 1 to find your notice period, if giving notice is what you want to do.

    To my mind, you've found it so very hard at this current place, that trying somewhere else is possibly the best outcome.
  6. drek

    drek Star commenter

    Dont feel bad. This is the way teaching works. It's not you it really is them.
    I think you've found out the hard way that when the dfe said it wanted industry experienced professionals to join teaching it was just a PR exercise.
    Most people outside teaching are lured in by the fact that they imagine they can turn around a group of reluctant learners into achieving and enjoy the 'good' teaching life.
    You've just experienced the reality that teachers in schools and colleges in areas with struggling budgets and low social mobility, face everyday.
    They can change your courses and timetables at the last minute, make ridiculous paperwork demands that take up all your time and energy but still expect to see a dramatically changed class of students from the ones they enrolled.
    Now if only they could teach your subject they could do it all themselves.
    No time and money wasted on leadership pay for nothing more than spouting bs.
    We are back to the theory that fire water air and earth makes up all matter rather than atoms.
    Remember this idea was held onto for thousands of years in the face of all evidence to the contrary.
    Perhaps the dfe and Ofsted may hang to their own dodgy theories for even longer. Particularly if Trump throws money at them.
    In schools they will come back to you after the observations are discussed at SLT meetings at their ponderous quality assurance ruminations and other such nonsense.
    It's what the bulk of their super salaries are for.
    I would wait for their next move but plan for all eventualities.
    Get in touch with your union and ask what normally happens. They may point you to the correct policy. Good luck
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