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Facebook Homework Help Page

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by airy, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. You want private, unmonitored contact with pupils?
    I don't think you do.
    Yes, if you use Glow or school VLE rather than a social networking site.
  2. 99.9% of teachers are indeed very supportive.
    However, let's say you leave a wee message for a pupil that - at a stretch - could be taken the "wrong" way, even though this never occurred to you at all. You leave yourself vulnerable to disciplinary action.
  3. I use Glow to set homework and for pupils to upload their work. I have a discussion forum where they can ask for help - often it is other pupils who answer the questions before I see them! It works well for me and my class.
    I would not use facebook with pupils under any circumstances.

  4. I would not use facebook and in fact do not use Glow for homework - not all our pupils can make use of a computer at home and would therefore be disadvantaged.
  5. ryeland

    ryeland New commenter

    I have consistantly and repeatedly advised against using social networking sites since my initial training, and with good reason.
    Shame I am constantly denied a GLOW log in.
  6. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter


  7. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter


    There's also this in the Scotsman.
    I work within ASN and my pupils are too young to access Facebook but if I ever work with an older age group I can not imagine contacting them through Facebook.
    I have a work email which many of the parents have but they are warned not to expect particularly quick replies as I don't always access my work e-mail everyday.

  8. Using Glow is great if your Authority has actually bothered to roll it out to pupils. In my Authority, they have only recently given staff their username and passwords - no mention of when the pupils will get theirs. We are so far behind that even expressions like "two tier" seem generous.
  9. This is precisely where we are headed, fly----we are well on the way there, with the warm embrace that "self-teaching, self-assessing" programs are receiving, applications lke Alta maths, Lexia, and the all new bells and whistles Education City (which are all simply high-tech throwbacks to the "programmed learning" mania of the late 60s---anyone remember that, or did it not hit here like it did in North America? Anyway, it's back and it's all tarted up as e-learning). The attitude seems to be that the sooner education is automated,the sooner teachers are got out of the way in the sacred name of self-education, the better. As ever, you hit the nail on the head.
    Oh, that's easy. Sell it off to the private sector. There;s a bundle to be made there on the backs of all those double-income families.
  10. seren_dipity

    seren_dipity New commenter

    There's not a chance I'd use facebook to interact with pupils either for work purposes or socially. ...and, yes, I do know how to use it, do use it.
    Not much chance of me using GLOW either - it's possible to lose your entire non-contact time by waiting for school technology to work.

    I think a number of teachers should be wary of using any such sites for fear of putting their woefully bad spelling "out there" for all to see. [​IMG]
  11. Definately. You speak alot of sense.
  12. seren_dipity

    seren_dipity New commenter

    I'm a proffesional, I am.

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