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Face masks and specs.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Dragonlady30, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. emerald52

    emerald52 Star commenter

    Get some daily disposable contacts to wear when you need to use a mask. One eye is distance, other eye is reading.
  2. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    I can't wear contact lenses.
  3. neddyfonk

    neddyfonk Lead commenter

    Try a more radical solution. Buy a snorkel and nose clip and stuff cotton wool into the end to act as a filter.
    bombaysapphire likes this.
  4. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    Disposable anything isn't very green! And the sheer idea of putting something into my eye repulses me. So, no thanks.
    emerald52 likes this.
  5. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Amazing-I got one just like that too!
    But sadly, with the steaming spectacles issue, I just can't see myself wearing it.
  6. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    Here's another problem - if you have the minor deformity sometimes called 'squashed ear' (the top of one ear is flattened as if squashed by a thumb), then you may find you can't wear a mask as it slips off.

    And before anyone says this is unlikely, I know someone for whom this is a fact.
  7. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    We all wear these.

    strawbs, emerald52 and Morninglover like this.
  8. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    I may be thick, but what are these?
  9. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    3D printed plastic strips that mean your mask doesn't rub your ears.
    Morninglover likes this.
  10. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    Thanks. Will suggest this.
  11. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

  12. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Well I too would post a photo, one of myself wearing my mask and glasses all misted up,to exemplify the problem, but I confess I have too many selfie steam issues to actually go through with it.

    bada tsh
    t f i Friday etc
    rouxx likes this.
  13. Nanny Ogg

    Nanny Ogg Occasional commenter

    It starts properly 1 minute in. I use a folded tissue at the top above my nose to seal the top. It’s exciting going around the supermarket and not knowing what I’m actually buying!
  14. nervousned

    nervousned Senior commenter

    I tried pulling the mask higher up the nose and resting my glasses on them. This worked but my glasses aren't the best design for this so I had to have them further down my nose than I would like.

    Got medical tape today so will give that a go next time.
  15. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    The whole thing depresses me. If it ever becomes compulsory to wear a mask to go shopping then I'll shop less and buy less. I don't go anywhere else. There are hardly any virus cases where we live. The chances of being infected are tiny. Why don't we clamp down on terrible driving more, which is almost certainly now more of a threat to me than Covid-19?
    nomad, smoothnewt and Morninglover like this.
  16. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    Good idea.
  17. Ivartheboneless

    Ivartheboneless Star commenter

    Just been to one of my nearest Morrinsons stores (there are three about equidistant from me, all in Wales). Did not see a single soul wearing a mask, except me. I thought the advice now was to wear one in public? There was also a lot of distance closing below two metres. We're all doomed!
    emerald52 and Dragonlady30 like this.
  18. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    Thank you one and all. I bought some strips from Amazon which arrived today and they seem to be just the job!! :D
    Well done and thank you again jazzedup :)
  19. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    Do you have a link please?
  20. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    I'm a bit of a techy-tumbleweed area so I think you'll have to seek help elsewhere, sorry. :oops:

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