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Fab things for school!! The thread for you bargain buys and ideas!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ilovemarmite, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. violingirl

    violingirl New commenter

    I was wondering whether everyone on this thread is spending their own money or school's.
  2. GARDEN24

    GARDEN24 New commenter

    HiYA, I am an NQT and busy looking for nice things to buy. Got a bag of Capital letters and numbers at Argos todya for £2 and some panda and jaguar slip mats from Hitchens for 2.99 each - that's a good start. Most of the expense is coming from laminating pouches at the moment but it is fun.

  3. What's a class budget?
  4. I am a teaching assistant with reception/year 1 children. I have found that The Range is a fantastic place and have lots of cheap good quality products. Also best bargain I got this summer was a Weather chart and calendar although quite americanised the format is great. £6.99 for all the bits, and that was from staples.
    When my teacher and I are doing project bulletin boards at school we make different borders up with plain strips of paper, then find clip art images online relating to the subject print out in colour then clour photocopy them and staple them around the board. Have also had children laying on floor in different positions to make letters, for our class bulletin board in the assembly hall.
    There is also a really good craft supplier around Blackburn and Darwen, not sure how far they are based around the country but in the north west there are quite a few. It's is called SAMS recycling centre ( Surplus Art Materials Store) non profit making organisation, local companies donate all different materials, you become member and then pay £13 for a large trolley full of craft and art materials, paper, fabric, you name it they have it, really good if you are crafty and have vivid imagination.
    Also try freecycle in your area, have just got an ikea trofast storage unit with drawers for nothing!!!!!! Just had to pick up how cool is that.
    Hope this helps. Am very crafty so if anyone needs any ideas, just send a message. ALSO VERY FRUGAL and can make lots of things from nothing. LOL.

  5. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Hi all, we've started a new thread called Fab Things 2009-10 for more up-to-date bargains! :)
  6. I found a great website which sells fairtrade products at very reasonable prices.
    I bought a fabulous range of wierd and wonderful persussion items which my class just adore using. They have been so successful that I am planning to buy some more. I use them during storytelling more than I do for music lessons!
    There are also some great items which you can shake, rattle or roll to get their attention, rather than raising your voice or clapping!
  7. These sound perfect, thanks for the tip. Although I have tried to find them on-line at Ikea but to no avail. Do you know if they are still selling them?
  8. Just bought some neema products - lovely! can't wait for them to arrive. Excellent prices!
  9. My latest finds
    • cardboard theatre at IKEA -50p- solid enough but haven't tried it in the classroom yet
    • finger puppets - www.neema.org.uk - also bought unusual musical instruments and family presents which are just a bit different
    • TLM catalogue - end of season sale - pencils, notebooks and spinning tops (20p-50p)
    bought pencils in Tesco last year - cheap but not worth the hassle as they broke easily and didn't sharpen well
    I enjoy spending my money to make my space more pleasant for everyone. I do keep the receipts and sometimes actually get refunded.

  10. Hello,
    Sorry but I can't seem to find TLM catalogue on the internet anywhere....?? Any chance you can put the website address on here please?
    Loving everyone's ideas....

  11. http://www.tlmtrading.com
  12. which ikea was this, i cant find any? :)
  13. ladysue

    ladysue New commenter

    Carrie, check the date of the post you are talking about as this is the old thread - there is a new thread around. xxx
  14. Just got a childsize wicker chair (£15ish) and a large soft treasure chest (£12) from IKEA - the chair is going to be my star of the week chair instead of a standard old plastic classroom chair, and i thought the treasure chest would be great for starting topics off, role-play, holding books etc and is an exciting focal point.
    Also got 4 child-size day glo velcro vests for the children that choose the outdoor area.
  15. try the free resources including Powerpoints and Classroom organisation posters etc from Fresher Schools All resources are free and easily downloaded. They are actually sponsoredby Magic Bean Bags but there is no catch BUT i bought a load of bean bag scatter cushions in faux leather for my classroom- really hard wearing and wipeabe unlike the very cheap material ones!
  16. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    OMG I would kill for a class budget! In my school we're lucky to get enough pencils- I've had to buy them in the past as well as glue sticks, stickers, etc. When asking DH for writing implements for my class, I get told, 'there aren't any more. Just make do.' Er ok, no writing until there's more money in the budget then, or I'll have to go and buy my own!
    This makes me resent spending money on my classroom when I'd love to buy nice things for the children. Most of my claims for remimbursement for resources are ignored so I only buy the essentials eg pencils!

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