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Fab things for school!! The thread for you bargain buys and ideas!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ilovemarmite, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Free memory sticks for teachers -

    ... so have I!
  2. FindersKeepers

    FindersKeepers New commenter

    Great find guys! I love this thread...

    Has anyones resources budget been frozen or taken away recently? Or is it just me who is struggling for new stuff?

    When will they 'unfreeze' it?
  3. Hey Finderskeepers,
    Totally agree this thread is useful, I have just applied for a free memory stick! Our school budget has also been frozen...we are even short of standard school items now, its getting silly!
    I have just found something that wont break the bank - but will brighten up numeracy lessons with years 2 - 4 - packs of 8 coloured, plastic spiders at ASDA in the Halloween section! 50p gets you 2 packs! They also had 2 for 50p on allsorts of scary seletons and witches that could be used as counters. Ace for doing simple counting and additions/subtractions with ! The boys love them.
    One week till half term!

  4. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Counting things sound good, I may well go and investigate on Mon, when I'm on holiday!!!
  5. Goodness it's taken me hours to read through all of these posts - quite enjoyed it though with a not so quick trip to Ikea in the middle! I bought 2 plastic funnels for the water tray for 59p and some large hand puppets of farm animals for about £2 each oh and some reflective vests for them to wear in the role play area at £2.50 each.

    Can't wait for tomorroew -Wilkinsons, poundland and Woolies for me! :)
  6. oki


    Free memory sticks for teachers -

    ........... and me!
  7. Free memory sticks for teachers -

    Has anyone got theirs yet?

    I ordered mine early on in September and haven't heard anything since.
  8. Like you ordered my memory stick early in Sept, so far no sight nor wound of it!
  9. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    same here!
  10. chocolate.eater

    chocolate.eater New commenter

    No sign of mine either, I ordered it in Summer Hols. [:'(]
  11. Same here ordered mine first week back and havn't heard a thing since!
  12. rach1968

    rach1968 New commenter

    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">I ordered mine in September and no sign of it! I don't know anyone who has received one yet! It's a shame isn't it but perhaps they were innundated with requests and haven't caught up with demand yet........well one can hope!</font>
  13. Same here!!! No sign yet!
  14. Just Bought a battery opperated pencil sharpener from Sainsburys reduced from a fiver to £2.50. It's shaped like a big pencil with a flat base and is available in red or blue.

    Will be useful because my year 1 class have already lost about 20 sharpeners by dropping them in the bin whilst sharpening.
  15. How about using those pens which have lots of differetnt colours in them (dont know the official name for them) then the children can choose which colour they want to write in. I dont know how much they are though, gel pens may be the cheaper option.
  16. charlotte.johnson06

    charlotte.johnson06 New commenter

    Tescos have some children based resources and the name begins with Learn.
    They are in green packets and near the stationary section. The stickers there are only a £1 each and you get 3 sheets in each pack.

  17. Painting stamper blocks in the £1 shop. You get 30 in a packet. I was paying a ridiculous amount from Hobbycraft like £1 for one!
  18. If you are a teacher, carer, playgroup leader, you can get a 10% off card in Early Learning.
  19. I emailed them as to why I hadn't received mine yet and they emailed me back and said that they would be sending them out at the beginning of 2009!
  20. Hi, sorrt to jump in on your thread but... I was just wondering whether anyone new where I could get a traffic light light from?! Want to try out a 'noise level' using a traffic light? Any ideas would be fab!



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