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Fab things for school!! The thread for you bargain buys and ideas!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ilovemarmite, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Blue water wasn't great yesterday, but I did get some fantastic jigsaws in Harpers Bazaar (they have a website full of bits and pieces) for between £1.99 and £2.50. They are nature ie bugs, fish, lizards etc and are those ones that to together in lots of different ways, but only one way is right, not sure that makes sense, the pieces all have straight sides with either a top or tail on each side.

    Anyway, I used to use them in games club as a challenge. It takes hours to get them right so thought I'd use them for golden time - if they do get one completed I give the kids a certificate and pencil as a reward, they love the challenge.
  2. Just brought an igloo tent from Ikea for 4.49, will be used for my themed book corner on homes.

    Brought 4 ink cartridges for £10 from inkinkink.net; a lot cheaper than anywhere else.

  3. Is Specials a national chain or just up here in the NE? Anyway, got packs of 12 fruity pencils in there yesterday for 50p- have fruity pics on and smell yummy! Will use them as rewards in Healthy eating etc.
  4. There were some from M&S earlier on this thread but yours sound much cheaper - where were they from?
    Have bought lots of reward prizes and stationery from Tesco and various bargain bins during the holidays, as well as some Ikea fabrics and cushions to brighten up the classroom.

  5. this thread is fab! i was just wondering first of all what the jungle buckets are and what are you using them? I have seen them referred to a lot on here....!! Also does anyone know where I can get a star shaped cushion from for my star of the week to sit on? Can't find one anywhere and one of you lovely people might have seen one on your travels?! thanks for the help! x
  6. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    Went to Asda today. They had cushions at 2 for £5, small plastic beakers 10p, bubbles at 6 for £1.50, 6 animal rubbers for 54p, small silver bucket containers - for pencils etc. £1 and packs of 6 bouncy balls for 75p.
  7. have been busy reading these but only got as far as page 20/30 so far.

    will finish tomorrow before I go shopping on Friday!!

    Thank you to all posters.

    will add any other bargains I might find after then!
  8. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    tesco had small (sit on ) beanbags at 2 for £10.
  9. Thank you you lovely lot - I've just spent a fortune in home bargains, asda, and have developed an addiction to vistaprint!

  10. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    The sphere shaped light are drom Wooies.
  11. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    Sorry that should read from Woolies!!
  12. Just wondering where these are from?

    I have now spent a fortune on my 'bargains'. Went to Ikea and bought candle for big writing (49p), a green bed canopy for reading area (£8) , blue fleece to act as a rug only £1.59, some little animals teddies (finger size only 10p each) my own mug 49p and it's pink glass! A frog fabric thing with pockets to put 'special' books into for my reading corner, £5. Then went into wollies and found that they had two childrens bucket seats £3 each, so grabbed them. And finally wilkos had some brightly coloured stoarge boxes £2 each, a notebook with divider things inside, laminator only £9, pouches 25pack 2 for £3. (160microns) I am sure there was more but can't remember.

    But still want some special pencils for big writing- I can find lots of girly ones but none suitable for boys. And lights for the chn's desks. Any help gratefully received.
  13. Have finally purchased the last items for my class - the good old birthday hat and bright pink sellotape dispenser from home bargains.
    Can i say a big thanks to all of you who put ideas on here [​IMG] - but not a big thank you for helping me to spend quite a lot of money lol.
    My classroom is ready and waiting for the kids. Good luck all

  14. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    Asda Smart Price baskets (from Kitchen section) 49p each!
    They're the perfect size for reading books for tables

  15. Well I have finally finished reading the last of these threads in preparatiion for my shopping spree in the morning!

    I now have a list of shops to visit but am keeping an open mind. Lots of things might have gone by the time i get there. One other problem is my OH is dropping me off and so any purchases will have to be stashed in his car boot. So most things will have to be fairly small- or stack inside each other!!

    Wish me luck!!
  16. I went shopping today and had 3 different postmen delivery things. A very exciting day!

    I now have a teacher planner and a TA planner from Ed Plan Books. They were pricey (£14 total inc P+P) but I absolutely love them. Very pleased with them.

    I bought some seaside items (spades, rubber rings etc) from Boyes and some very thin silver wire so that I can use the items in a 'summer holiday' display.

    I went mad in the pound store and bought pencils etc.

    The best shop was Wishes - the charity card and gift shop. They were having a huge sale and I got loads of good quality toys for less than £1 each for my lucky dip box.

    It makes going back to work so much more appealing.
  17. Do you have a link for the Ed Plan Books - they sound great

  18. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

  19. Love shopping for school.

    I bought a new prize box from ikea went into school with it all excited full of new prizes only to find its to big for my cupboard shelves. Now need to think where on earth to put it as space is a problem.

    Other best buy was a box of little boxes from staples which sits nicely on window sill and contains all small things like staples,drawing pins, shapeners etc.
  20. I am now officially a bargain hunter. I did the bargain shops again today - all in the same shopping centre we have Matalan, Wilkinsons, Home Bargains, Dunelm Mill and Poundstretcher.

    The true sign that I am a bargain hunter was when I walked around poundstretcher muttering to myself, "it's a bit expensive in here"!

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