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Fab things for school!! The thread for you bargain buys and ideas!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ilovemarmite, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. It wont be next pay month for another month!! lol![​IMG]
  2. Finally got round to buying a new diary today. It's a silver spiral bound one and cost me £1.49 in The Works. They had loads of little stationery bits that I could have got for my writing area but I had my husband with me (he wouldn't understand)!

    Any good ideas for storage for writing area? I already have a little 4 drawer box for sharpeners, rubbers etc but need something for different types of paper - in/out trays or drawers maybe.
  3. I think Wilkinsons have one of those three tiered paper drawer things in for about £4ish?

    I think it was there I have been in too many bargain shops this weekend!
  4. Maybe its just a local thing.. never mind its always fun to have a trip to Ikea....My time wasn't wasted..i still got some goodies![​IMG]
  5. I have to admit to the most expensive purchase of my Summer - a Filofax (cherry red leather, smells lovely) which of course then needed some extra inserts. Having got some great websites and phone numbers over the last few weeks I felt I needed something amazing to write them all, something which I could use again next year. OH nearly fainted when I told him how much it cost, didn't mention the extra year planner, post it notes and tube map!! Oh dear.

    Don't have any rewards yet except stickers, do I really need them? Was thinking of some nice pens/pencils etc, but haven't seen any I like. The class teacher before had daily prizes and a weekly raffle, but I can't afford the sort of things he was giving away. [​IMG] Not sure what to do, don't get paid till Friday.
  6. StAL

    StAL New commenter

    Didn't read the rest of this thread but I went into Wilkinson's today and bought A5 and A4 plastic pockets - 2 for 40p and 50p respectively.
    Great for holding loop cards, card games etc and saves time making card pockets that don't look as good!

  7. I converted an old pillow and 2 old cushions into lovely new cushions for my reading corner. Material was 50p metre.

    I think IKEA do cushions for 59p!!!! but daren't go and find out until I've been paid as I will prob find loads of other things.

    Managed to persuade my friends to pass on kids books to me rather than to charity shop.

    Anyone else managed to scrounge things?
  8. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I bought some magnetic gel boards from TTS last term, but I was getting fed up counting in and out the 'pens'. So one quick phone call to my Dad and he's busy drilling 34 holes into a block of wood and then he's going to varnish it and send it down to me - no charge to me :eek:) Does that count as scrounging!?!
  9. I went to Aldi and they had some cushions with animal faces on them. They were £2.99 each and I got a seal one, sheep and zebra.
  10. Just as a warning to everyone, particularly new teachers, please check that your ceiling tiles do not contain asbestos. If they are old then they may (our 70's building has these large white ceiling tiles) and you should not screw anything into them or even pin into them as it can disturb the asbestos.

    It is a minor risk but not one worth taking. Check with your premises manager / caretaker, although even then they are not always sure - our data projectors were put up without the team knowing that they were asbestos tiles and so there was a risk.

    Sorry to dampen the mood - all these threads are inspiring me to go shopping!!! :)
  11. mrsNibbles

    mrsNibbles New commenter

    not usre if this has been mentioned, but apparently Staples has a range of cheap stationary items (staplers, notepads, highlighters etc) which is any 5 for £1. I'm going to get some for my rewards/birthday box.
  12. Hi. Ikea do indeed have cushions for 59p but they are quite small and pale blue (get dirty easily) but at 59p who can complain, may make new cases for them actually. Also bought a couple of bright red ones for £2.49 for my reading corner.

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but for table storage i have bought some cutlery caddys from


    £2.01 each and a great size, managed to get 5 different colours too so one for each table.

    I love this thread, Is it sad that I was so chuffed to go away for a couple of days and find the woolies buckets there? I shouted out 'OMG it's those jungle buckets' in the middle of the shop OH was like 'what are you on about?' looking at me like i was some crazy lady!
  13. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Bought some soft touch mood lights 2 for £2 (Big Writing maybe or thought dragon eggs [​IMG])

  14. [​IMG] Bought another cushion from Aldi, this time an elephant one.
    I love this thread. We can't let it die out after all these brilliant ideas. Keep posting!

  15. Despite my best intentions I'm off to Bluewater today with my kids for school uniform, well that's what my daughter tells me we're going for. I realise she has another agenda and secretly I'm thinking 'oh good more shops for school things'. Astute second child has cottoned on to this and has banned me from buying anything else for school - ha, ha ha - we'll see if he can stop me.
  16. Can anybody tell me where I would be able to get bean bags from? The ones that have been left by the previous teacher look manky to say the least!!!
  17. This site sell a mixed set of 18 for £11.75 inc vat

  18. Thank you for replying.... I mean the big type ones that you can sit on!!!

    Thank you again... it made me smile - don't you just love the English language!!!
  19. <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight:normal;"> Thanks to all who have contributed so far.[/b]
  20. bean bags;- Dunelm and they do little chairs...can't remember price though, around £10 ??

    I seem to remembr a post for £5 BB last week.[​IMG]

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