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Fab things for school 2009-10!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sillow, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Went to Tescos - 24hr one - and bought pack of 25 laminating pouches for £1.97!
    Tried them - they are just as good as school ones!
  2. Re USave anyone know offhand if it's open Bank Holiday Monday? Thanks
  3. £160 - thats ridiculous! haven't you had any budget from the school? I've bought lots of bits over the hols for my classroom, but not essentials, just things which make my life easier or my classroom more fun for the children.
    We were given a £500 budget per classroom before the holidays for stuff to enrich the curriculum. A seperate order was made for essentials like glue, art supplies, pens, maths equipment etc.
    I cant believe they are expecting you to pay for the stuff that you need day to day. Seems very unfair on you...do the other staff pay it too?
  4. There are quite a few excellent things for the classroom in places such as Home Bargains, B & M, Instores and Wilkinsons.
    I got a wooden castle which is huge for £20 from Home Bargains!! I also got a wooden dolls house on Ebay for £5!!!

  5. Stickers pack from Home Bargains for 49p - there are loads in the pack, much cheaper than buying from PTS as they work out at approx. 1p per sticker!
  6. oxfordblue

    oxfordblue New commenter

    Wow Miss Black - a £500 budget! That's huge! Luck you - what did you buy?!
    I've not found any particularly exciting bargains this holidays apart from some plastic storage boxes from Ikea.
  7. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    BUMP!!! time to start eyeing up this years bargains I think...who's first??
  8. I say a new thread is in order!! these prices and items might be out of date now...

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