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Fab things for school 2009-10!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sillow, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Are you obsessed with stationery? Do you have a keen eye for a bargain? Are you excited about filling your classroom with wonderful things?
    Come and join us here, then!
    Upsadaisy suggested a new thread, to keep all our bargain suggestions up-to-date.
    What are you going to buy for your classroom that's fab? [*]

  2. Ikea are doing a magnetic strip(with 3 magnets) and a holder (for wipeboard pens) which you could put next to your wipeboards so as to have pens to hand approx £3 I'm always losing mine on my desk. tesco are doing post it notes in varying sizes on one a4 sheet for £1.50
  3. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    er...yeah...hi...I'm deeley and I'm...addicted to stationary shopping...

    that feels better already.
    just to say Tesco have some fab offers, esp in the bigger stores, including very cheap folders, pens etc. Tho I'm hoping they'll have cheap glue sticks again soon as they were brilliant and last all year, unlike the expensive school few.
    off to wilko's tomoz to see what else is about.

    PS bought sharpeners in staples last year, same as they have this year, colourful ones near entrance on offer - best avoided as they seemed to chew every pencil that went near it...

    deels x
  4. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    yeah ok, spelt stationery wrong - but I am very often stationAry in stationEry shop so thats ok!
  5. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    We know what you meant, Deeley! I think we're all like that...
  6. I know a lot of people are thinking about individual pencil cases for their class, Wilkinsons have small clear pencil cases for 30p at the moment. They also have other little bits and pieces (pick and mix items) for 30p if anyone is looking for items for their prize boxes, table trays etc as well as lots of stationery items on sale!
  7. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    really need some curver type boxes for me to store each tables books in - doing things differently this year. However, years ago diy stores etc used to sell them on offer, 3g 4 for a tenner...this year I can only find them singly for £3.50 each - need 5 and can't afford that...any ideas shoppers?
    need to be big enough for a stack of A4 books...

  8. Depending on whether you want to put them in up right or stacked flat, ikea do some for 99p each. They're not quite A4 if you want to put books in flat.
  9. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    oooohh goody, excuse to go to ikea!
  10. Just back from tesco, and 10 packs of pencils with rubbers like footballs flowers etc on the end, great bargain 1 pack (6 pencils) for 75p or 2 for £1 !!! I'm gonna use them for weekly rewards!. They also do clear pencil cases for 35p which means each pupil can have their own!!!
  11. I went into WHSmiths today and they have LOADS of stationary items in the sale...hole punch, stickers, academic diarys, plastic wallets, pencils, crayons etc etc. Could have spent a small fortune. May be a little more expensive than wilkos but i find that they are good quality.
  12. Hi - I think Asda have just what you are looking for - storage boxes easily big enough for A4 and only £1.60 each. They have them in clear/translucent if you need to see what's inside, or in silver and another colour which I think was purple. I've bought a load of the clear ones to re-organise the art materials and they seem pretty good. Hope this helps.

  13. Ikea have some cardboard table top puppet theatres which have been reduced to 59p! They also have packs of 10 finger puppets now reduced to £1.69 (I think) to go with them. I used them with Year 6 in the last week and they loved them - they made normal puppet shows which they showed to Reception children in groups then the reception children performed the shows to their own class. They also created little cafe role-plays with them at the neach for example, finding music to accompany their theme on the internet. I could see these being used for all sorts next year and have bought 5 so the children can use them in small groups and all have a go.
  14. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    thank you hammytv, will be straight "up the asda" tomoz to see, but they sound ideal - I just knew there had to be a cheaper way. Ta!
  15. silver2003

    silver2003 New commenter

    Great thread. Just out of interest do you spend your own money or is it from school budget?

    I spend a lot of my own money each yr and our budgets seem to be getting smaller.

  16. IKEA had some really nice square wooden pencil style pots in their sale when we went yesterday - one large and one small for 99p (I think)
    Non-classroom related stuff.... solid oak shelves for £4.99 that were £22 each - bought 6!!!
  17. This week I bought some large plastic wipe clean table cloths from Lidls for £3 each and a plastic hanging basket with pegs for 99p- love Lidls and they often have great stationery bargains. Also medium sized plastic baskets from Ethel Austin £1.50 for 3- they had them in blue, red, yellow, green and purple- I use these to keep pens, pencils, rulers etc. tidy on each table and also have maths baskets with resources in.
  18. If you have a Coleman's near you you can take advantage of the student discount. I didn't know this until today when I was talking about school and was asked if I was a student. I chuckled and said I was a teacher, when a second assistant told me I could use the student discount.
    If only I knew this earlier! I know it's only 10% but it's better than nothing, especially if you are like me and have no budget allocated to you for classroom resources and have to buy everything yourself with your own money.
    Thankfully, I have a very understanding partner....

  19. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    I can't quite believe I am hearing this!
    Also to the poster who said she had to buy more and more herself as the budget was getting smaller each year. Is it any wonder when you are making it clear you are happy to supplement the school budget from your own wages.
    Why don't you all just offer to work for free and have done with it.
    It is the teachers who can't afford to stock their own classrooms but are expected to because of these attitudes I feel sorry for.
    Don't get me wrong, I love picking up bits and pieces for my classroom if I see them but, I know I can claim the money back from school if it is more than a few pence. However to be expected to stock your classroom with basics like book boxes or pencils is wrong.

  20. jenhet

    jenhet New commenter

    You are so right, neli, but if the money people say sorry, there simply isn't any money, what do you do? These items often make your life much easier and your classroom tidier, so it's in your interest to buy them. I agree absolutely that underpaid teachersshould not be subsidising schools from their meagre salaries, but ......

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