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Fab free Resources - really good! Honest! PLEASE HELP ME!

Discussion in 'English' started by scarter21, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Fellow English Teachers,
    In a bid to get some money this year for Christmas (I've just bought my first house and a mortgage is killing the old finances!) I have uploaded a huge number of resources in a bid to win £1000 of M+S vouchers from TES.
    At the risk of sounding arrogant...I have uploaded my highest quality and best resources that I have spent a long time (over the last few years) making. Staff and students alike at my school have found them really useful.
    There is a huge range of topics/whole school literacy/media/Shakespeare/SOW/Titanic etc. stuff - <u>please go have a look and download/rate.</u>
    Love an impoverished English teacher in need of your help! THANK YOU.
  2. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I'm sure your resources are wonderful but I've idea where to find them!
    Please tell us how to contact your web address.
  3. Haha, good point! Clearly I was in a Sunday evening fuzz.

    If you search Sian Carter in the resources section or click my scarter21 username at the top of my post you should get taken to my profile/resources.

  4. tonymillar

    tonymillar New commenter

    This is the link directly to the resources Sian Carter
  5. ceehorse

    ceehorse New commenter

    I tried to open the punctuation mat but I couldn't. Same with the poster...!
  6. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    I tried to open the Shakespeare Conflict and it would not open and the descriptive power point is not there ...!
    Technical hitch? Want to help but can't get to anything.
  7. Hiya,
    Firstly, thank you! :)
    Punctuation mat and poster are made on Office Publisher - I can only open them on my work computer as Microsoft Office Home doesn't include Microsoft Publisher. I think you might be able to download a Publisher viewer programme - just search in Google.
    I have checked the Shakespeare Conflict ppt and all seems ok this end... it may be that it was made in powerpoint 2007. If you work in an earlier version of Micrsoft Office Home the file might not open. Again I think you can Google a Powerpoint 2007 viewer and download it for free.
    I hope that helps - let me know if not and I can try and convert the file you want to an earlier version/PDF doc. and e-mail it to you both.
    Thanks for helping me - I am on an uploading mission (I recommend the Facebook template for a multitude of lessons!)

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