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F292 Tipton Sweets

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by tutor2u, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. tutor2u

    tutor2u New commenter

    Hi - Jim here. I'm sorry it hasn't arrived yet - when did you order the F292 toolkit? If you'd like to email me using jimriley@tutor2u.net I'll arrange to have it sent over to you via email or download link
  2. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for your reply - maybe i should have stated that i haven't been into school over Easter! we ordered it just before we broke up so hopefully it will be waiting for me when i go into work on Monday.
  3. VDL


    Don't get too tied down into focusing on one topic per function and keep students involved in decision making as to what you cover. That way you keep your back covered if a 'surprise' topic turns up and educationally a much better approach given that there are general questions too at the start of the paper.

    Start on vocabulary and include diagrams, charts etc. as these are often overlooked by students.
    Get students to use the syllabus and try and draw up mind maps of what 'fits'. Discussion here is an important skill as it allows you to get them to focus on both the case and what they already know about a topic which in turn can then guide how much detail you need in a topic specific lesson. Remember extra data can be given.

    Timing is a key problem even for students who are well prepared so it is important to give lots of time to pretend questions in class. It works well if you can move a question through the levels and increase the timing as per marks and exam timing. So start with explain. XXXX, then go through it, then repeat with analyse as the key word. And then evaluation. If time is tight get them to do an evaluation question using different colours to represent explain, analysis and evaluation - though you will need to give them longer.

    Do use past papers to guide your choice of topics ( the whole syllabus must be covered over time - so if it was on last time not that likely this year) and read a couple of the examiners reports for a clear idea about what the common mistakes are.

    Good luck.
  4. HI,I was just looking at what you think is going to come in the exam, but was wondering what do you think they will ask about market segmentation ?
  5. Thank you for the advice!
  6. Hi,
    I was looking at segmentation based on the info given about the sweets. I thought they could have been looking at asking a question around the fact that Tipton are wanting to reduce the average age of its customer and therefore target a new segment based on age but i think this is just a small section of the bigger picture - the factors that Tipton have to consider when developing an existing product in a new market or introducing a new product.
    The Tutor2u pack is really good - i recommend it to everyone!
    Also look a the company website for Simpkins Sweets Ltd - very interesting!
  7. Does anyone have thoughts on what kinds of calculation could be asked for the 4mark question in Section B? I think new investment appraisal data is game, but perhaps something like labour turnover as well?
    Any other thoughts?

  8. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    Pre students for both but limited scope for calculations on turnover as totals are there

    my gut is ARR and payback - 2 marks each- then could be applied to a part b and a nice theory q.

    Do not forget part A I feel a elasticity calculation buried in that section for a change- 2 years since elasticity appeared on section b in Hollies crisps!
  9. I agree i think they will have to do Payback and/or ARR and then in the 16 mark section discuss it - i think the quote that says "but there are more than financial considerations" will play a huge part in this section also.
    I originally considered contribution as well because of the potential of that deal with the garage/service station but i think it looks more towards investment appraisal.
    I dont think it will be LTO as the figures are already in the table.
    What do people think about the production question - capacity? quality?
  10. You could be right on the elasticity as the younger customers are less price sensitive and there are a couple of suggested areas in the case study - we have picked this up more in the marketing question and marketing mix ...

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