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F1 in schools y7 project (read even if you don't do F1 please)

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by bigpedro, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Ok.... dailema....
    I, the HOD and HT would quite like to roll out F1 in schools as a y7 project that lasts for two terms (the whole DT allocation for y7) We would cover different elements of car design and marketing, team identity e.t.c. and the whole thing would culminate in a "race day" at the end of the year.
    The stumbling block is that some staff members think that the project has limited appeal and many students (particularly girls) wouldn't engage with the topic. We thought about re-packaging it as "motorsports" to widen appeal but it still hasnt addressed the issue of "girls wont like it"
    We then decided that a launch event would be a good idea, get some motorsports teams in, maybe some drivers e.t.c. and have the race track set up. but would this be enough????
    Personally, i think that girls would probably quite enjoy the topic (remember theyre y7) and its actually the teachers' own reservations that are getting in the way.
    Anyone have any ideas about how to make it appeal to everyone?
    How to appease staff?
    Make it more interesting for girls?
    I should probably add that Textiles and Food based projects are not really an option (its political and i'll say no more)

  2. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    Wow, you are going to get in teams and Drivers!!!, they dont call you Big Redro for nothing then, someone has some contacts!!
    I reckon you're right on this one with the staff. Can't see that Yr7 girls are going to be that switched off. Also if you have a launch party you can incorporate food and so a focussed task, the marketing is graphics based and when the cars are finished they will need lycra car covers with logo's therefore textiles, by pass the politics maybe! Sounds great though. We have taken part in the F1 gas powered cars run by Jaguar a few years back and then formula for schools held at Silverstone, we did this for four years and thats a cool project. I am in a boys school though and if you cut me I bleed petrol, so am a little biased here pedro.
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I don't think Y7 girls would be too much against it. I'd see their point if you were considering Y8 or Y9 possible but I've always found Y7 to be generally enthusiastic about a wide range of projects without any face pulling.
    I've not seen the F1 projects - does it have the ability to be made more dual sex (maybe theming it on 'wacky racers'?) or is it designed to be a more serious industry led brief?
  4. I can't imagine any of my girls saying "no way" to that! (And I'd love to be teaching it!)
    Not sure how sold on the idea you are yet, but there's a similar project based around scalectrix, which might be easier to gear to a more mixed audience - definite scope for Wacky Races/more varied "transport" themes, but still with the racing/competitive link too, and lends itself to a brilliant "Grand Prix" style close to the project too.
    Regardless though, it's probably the appealing to staff that needs to be done, more than tailoring it to the girls - and I haven't a clue how to fix that one!
  5. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    they dont call me that at all [​IMG]

    I should have been more clear perhaps about the food/textiles involvment. It is actually a timetabling/options issue rather than personal disagreements (anymore), no textiles or food is taught in Y7.
    Im glad i'm not the only one thinking that it could work and that its staff being put off rather than kids.
    The final thing will be raced on the F1 in schools track (with the gas canisters e.t.c.) so i dont want to move too far away from the motorsports/F1 theme. But the final "car" will only be a small part of the project. as you say, theres going to be a lot of work on "pit displays" team identity e.t.c.
    Glad of the comments, keep 'em coming
  6. Only this morning on the Chris Evans show, Jake Humphreys who is doing a guest sports present slot, was asked whether the would be any female F1 drivers in the next 5 years. He said possibly as there are a lot of young girls in all other kinds of racing and it won't be long before one of them gets the change. They just need to have the physical strengh to withstand the G Forces involved.
    Arguments that girls wouldn't be interested belong in the same debate that boys don't like cooking!
  7. Huurah!
    This sounds like a fantastic idea, link projects in KS3 to national/international competitions, this is the way forward with regards to education in my humble opinion. No more dodgy wooden boxes or steady hand projects!
  8. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    ^ bump ^
  9. Did some toy remote control trucks/cars with year 9/10, girls kicked ass and loved it. You must do it and make sure that all staff members are positive and squash any talk of girls not liking it. If your staff start the project by saying ''well pupils I feel the boys will be happy witht his project'' then they are planting the seed of failure. Did a rocket project where an LSA said to a female student '' this is a bit boyish, do you really like it?'' This was like a virus that destroyed the girls of that group.

    Good luck
  10. This sounds brill!!! go for it!! i agree that mose yr 7's are open to alsorts and dont think that girls would be put off by this at all!!
    is this F1 a national scheme/project?? where can i find out more?? or is it your invention??

  11. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    F1 in schools is a national competition which we've been running as extra curricular for the last few years, we've been quite good and got to the last 2 national finals. The HT fancied running it as part of the curriculum so we had to sort of fit what we could into our lessons/rotations.
    F1 in schools has actually brought out curriculum materials this year so they are out there. Sadly though they're not gratis so we've gone our own way.
    should do it.

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