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EYFSP Moderation

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by hezzy_pie, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Hello, I'm an NQT in a mixed R/Y1/Y2 class so I'm due to get moderated by my LEA (Derbyshire) in a few weeks. I have the timetable etc. of what will happen on the day but just wanted to see if anyone who has recently been moderated could give me a quick run through of what happened to them? And also, I know that three children are observed in detail (HA, MA and LA) but do I get to choose those three children, or does the moderator choose? Thanks for any response, Heather x
  2. susbo

    susbo New commenter

    I was moderated last year, I had to provide a list of the children and their profile points to date, they then choose the 3 children they wanted to discuss with me and which areas of learning and sent it though to me. I made sure I had all their evidence in 3 boxes. For each child she only focused on 2 areas (I think) - basically it was why had I assessed X as being PSED DA as 3 for eg and CLLD LSL as 4. I also had to do a brief background of these children to discuss with her so she was able to form a picture of each, If I remember correctly upon arrival we discussed how I felt assesment was going before I chatted about the children. I gave her a walk through of my class and pointed out the chosen 3, She spent a few minutes chatting to them as they played/worked. We then got started, she let me talk about each in turn while she made notes, asking me questions as I went along. It wasn't as daunting as I had thought it might be - she actually looked at very little of the evidence I had carefully put together. At the end she commented on how she now felt she knew each child extremely well as I had given her an in depth picture of them, where they had started from and their learning. She was with me for about 3 hours. Hope this helps. Good luck and don't worry because you know your children better than she does.[​IMG]
  3. perriwinkle

    perriwinkle New commenter

    Hiya, we are being moderated this year and recently had a visit that sounds very similar to susbo's. However only one child was chosen in each class by each moderator. We conducted a joint observation of the chosen child and compared notes afterwards. Very supportive and not as in depth as I had expected. Worst bit was not knowing who would be chosen!
    Hope that helps!
  4. Thank you very much for getting back to me :) You've cleared up a lot. I had been told previously that I could choose the three children that were to be observed, better get updating all of the profiles! What kind of activities have you had the children doing while you are observing? It is a bit tricky for me, as I have the Y1's and Y2's as well. Do you think perhaps I should have the reception children outdoors doing an activity, rather than sitting on the carpet for the main input? Any info would be greatly appreciated [​IMG] Heather x
  5. personally I wouldn't change any of your practice- its bound to backfire somehow! stick with what you-and the chn-know!
  6. Just reading this as I've got the moderation letter, how did it go in the end?
  7. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    We are begin moderated this year. Our meeting to meet the moderators told us that we would chose the one child that the joint observation would be on. Then provide a list of top (points 8,9), middle (point 6) and bottom (less then point 3). childrenso the moderator can chose one from each group to moderate. We have been told that we will be moderated in KUW and CLL, LCT. We are 2 form entry and have 2 moderstors in but it all sounds relaxed and supportive.
  8. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    They really want to see the children during activity/choosing/freeflow (whatever you call it!) time as they want to check your judgements in CI situations. We have been told that this year the moderators will choose the children rather than us. The areas of learning for checking are CLL and CD and they have also asked to have my PC so they can look at my EyeProfile.

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