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EYFS unit

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by JEH, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. JEH

    JEH New commenter

    Hi Grey Ted
    we have opened our Unit this September (formed from 3 classrooms linked by sliding doors and linked outside areas too, catering for full time reception, partime reception and nursery children) It did take a lot of 'mind wrestling' and we are still tweaking the way it works but so far everyone seems quite happy and the HT keeps showing us off to any visitor who will look!
    At the moment all children have 'Class Base' time (grouped by chronological age) first thing till 9.40, then we all open our doors and gardens for integrated provision for one hour - children can move around and access whatever they want in any area, then class base again till lunch (or 11.30 home time for nursery). This is repeated as far as possible in afternoon. During open doors time each class has a few children wearing PE type bands (ours are bright yellow!) and any adult who works/plays with these children makes notes/ takes photos etc to give to Class Base teacher later. We keep the same 'banded' children for a week, so after 3 weeks they have all been 'special' and should have had good obs made in a range of CIL activities.As FS leader I would like to increase the amount of open door time, so will be working towards this once people are comfortable with new things eg. we now don't go to assemblies or whole school breaks.
    We have unit meetings every week to discuss planning and anything else eg. peer observations focus. There are 3 teachers and 3 TAs and 66 children at the moment, but this will increase in Jan to a max of 86 am / pm. We share our resources and at first all planned from the same 2 week plan, but as classes are forming their own identities we are planning more to suit each group's interests. This could become quite diverse, but maybe because they have their open doors times, children seem to have linked interests/ needs so all teachers are planning similar themes anyway eg. this week it was Bears, Bear Hunt, rhyming and rhythmic stories.
    Hope this has helped a bit - let me know if you have any more questions!
  2. Thanks JEH. Would you be willing to share a copy of a weekly plan. Ofstead said we should be as intergrated as possible not sure how to achieve this and meet all the children's individual needs. Email beck_a_johnson@yahoo.co.uk
  3. Thank you for the plans [​IMG]
  4. I've sent samples of our planning, hope they're useful
  5. Dear JEH
    It seems as though you are well ahead of the field in terms of organising your EYFS. I have just taken up a post to coordinate the post of EYFS coordinator only to be told (now that contracts are signed) that they would like the F1 and F2 classes to be a unit by the time I start in September. Any chance you can share any ideas, planning, organising tips. It's only a one form entry school but it would be great to have some ideas to mull over before I start.
    Thanks in advance.
  6. We set up a unit about 5 years ago and it worked really well. All units (like any changes) have teething problems but what we found really useful was to look at other units and see what we thought would work and what wouldn't for us. Each unit we visited was different and you can adapt ideas. Also don't be put off by those people who think that they would just like their own class in their own room - like I said it can work. Look on the Ofsted site for ones that have been rated as good or outstanding local to you.
    Take one step at a time - Autumn one is always about settling the chidlren in and about establishing routines - work with that and don't worry too much about planning formats just yet - that will come with time and they evolve. We changed our many a time before we found one that we were happy with. You need to find one that works for you and so long as you can put it into your development plan as working progress it should be ok. Remember get your basics established first.
  7. Hi I hope you dont mind but I have just read this post from lasy year and found it so useful .I am about to set up a unit in our new build primary school for Nursery and Reception and the numbers are about the same as yours .Please would you be willing to share your planning/routines do.s and dont's with me I would be really grateful and would share anything I do too.
    Thank you ,Oh I work in Northumberland and wondered if you were any where near me so I could visit.
    Thank you again

  8. JEH

    JEH New commenter

    check your emails!
  9. JEH

    JEH New commenter

    hi crestacat - not sure if you are asking me or another poster to share but if you let me know your email I'll be happy to send you some of our planning etc!
  10. JEH

    JEH New commenter

    crestacat-sorry I forgot to say we are nowhere near you - Essex I'm afraid so I don't expect a visit!!
  11. suelh

    suelh New commenter

    Hello, Just read this post with interest as I am currently setting up a foundation unit for September. Would really appreciate any planning ideas anyone could send me. It's the first time the unit has been organised like this and a few staff are quite sceptical that it can work. I need to get it right!! My e mail is sue.henshaw@ntlworld.com
    Many thanks
  12. Ah thank you very much my email is benthomasgeorge@hotmail.com

  13. Thats a shame wonder if I could persuade my head to let me have a few days off ![​IMG]
  14. Sorry to be a pest but ive checked email and could find anything can i check i gave you the right address benthomasgeorge@hotmail.com --thank you

  15. Could I be cheeky too and ask for a copy of the planning? I am currently in the same boat as OP. my email is
    Thank you in advance
  16. please could I have a copy of your planning? I'm in a similar situation and would really really appreciate it!
    Thank you in advance
  17. Could I be a pain in the bum too and ask for a copy - think this is where my head ants us to go too and need help to be able to see it!

  18. Hi, I would really appreciate any planning / advice on timings of your day / advice on how it runs and how you fit in observations from anyone. I am new to eyfs, start in reception in september but have been told I need to sort out our 2 discrete nursery and reception classes into 1 unit before then. My email address is cflower83@hotmail.co.uk
    Any advice will be gratefully recieved.

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