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EYFS tracking/assessment

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by clockrow, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. I'd LOVE to see this tracking sheet. I'm new to reception and finding it quite difficult to find something that will combine all the strands and generate the information needed. Orbit is great but only allows tracking if parents are linked to the site.
  2. Oops email address is jgreham@hotmail.com
  3. Hi there I would really be interested in taking a look at the tracking tool that your husband developed as it would I am sure be much easier than using pen paper and a calculator!
  4. sillysausage21

    sillysausage21 New commenter

    Does anyone else use the tracking system from primary tools.co.uk ? Do you find this useful? I am very aware that my tracking is paper based and therefore I don't have any graphs to show progress for groups/easily show overall progress etc.
  5. Please can I have a copy: eoliver1@marlow-infant.bucks.sch.uk

    Thank you
  6. That's sound so useful I would really appreciate a copy of the spreadsheet too please gshentonuk@yahoo.co.uk
  7. Please could I see? laurenjcoley@googlemail.com

  8. Please would you forward details of this my email is zedandti@aol.com Many Thanks
  9. Hi I am really interested in seeing the software if it is still available? How have you found using it?


  10. I would love hear more about this, it would save me hours. If you have time would you pass me on details. Many thanks

  11. Hi do you use orbit? What do you think? I'm thinking of using it in my class but would like some feedback first! Thanks
  12. serendipity21

    serendipity21 New commenter

    Hi Linda
    I just saw your name and school linked to a post that came up when I searched Ascension island, hope you don't mind me messaging you. Do you still work on the island and how is/was it? I am looking at a teaching position now but worried it will be too remote. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. HeightonS

    HeightonS New commenter

  14. sadafali123

    sadafali123 New commenter

    Hi glynndp, I would love to see the EYFS. please can u email me a copy on s44dy4@gmail.com. many thanks :)
  15. rb31

    rb31 New commenter

    Hi glynndp

    I would love to see the assessment spreadsheet also, sounds absolutely fantastic!
  16. briola

    briola New commenter

  17. murphymarriott

    murphymarriott New commenter

    Hello, I'm working as phase leader in EY in an international school in Malawi, and looking for this kind of thing. I would drove to take a look at the assessment spreadsheet. Thanks very much in advance!

    My email address is joannacmarriott@gmail.com

    Look forward to hearing from you!
  18. lisa_munich

    lisa_munich New commenter

    hello glynndp, realise that your initial offer was a couple of years ago but would be very grateful to see your husband's excel spreadsheet. many thanks lisa.melessaccio@esmunich.de
  19. german_1

    german_1 New commenter

    Hi I would like it too! my email is cheekyruthy123@hotmail.com

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