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EYFS tracking/assessment

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by clockrow, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Hi, Please could you also send email me a copy of your excel spreadsheet as I am having a nightmare tracking and we are currently using a least 5 different ways of trying to show progress.
  2. Hi Glynndp, your system sounds brilliant, just what I need. Would be grateful if you could email to me at: minnieh@btinternet.com
  3. I have just seen your post and am really interested in finding out more about your application. My email is margaret_wiles29@hotmail.co.uk. Many thanks
  4. does anyone use the updated eprofile? What are the limitations of this if you do?
  5. Hi. Im new to early years. I would love a copy if possible please: mia3mia@hushmail.com

    Many thanks.
  6. There are quite a few tried and tested assessment tools out there. Head teachers/phase leaders should be researching and deciding on software that enables regular assessing. Eprofile, target tracker, sims, prams, 2simple....

    Some are free, some require purchase and licensing. I think it's important to choose one that comes with support. Good luck ladies. I would raise this with leadership team if its something u feel is lacking in your school.
  7. And this whole thread has been one long advertisement for you!!

    Its followers will be amazed when they see the £500 price tag on your spreadsheet!
  8. Hi Pam, We had no idea this spreadsheet would go commercial. It has all happened as a direct need for teachers to have something simple and effective to manage the loads of paperwork we have to deal with in assessing our children. It was an education manager who suggested we go commercial and the school gains from the sale of the product-something not unusual in education today. The price is NOT £500 as you state, but even if it was, it is still a well priced product for what it does and compared to any other product out there. I also noticed that there are many other mentions of other products on this very thread, so wondering why you chose to make this type of comment?? The mention of the web page is simply because we have had HUNDREDS of replies both on the thread and PM so it is a simple way for people to see what is on offer and for them to make up their own minds, without having to wait for a reply from me. Hope this helps to calm your anger. Kind regards.
  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    you may find the whole thread removed as products have to be advertised on market place unless they are free
  10. The problem is not the cost - the IT work is impressive. The issues are that this is not a best fit model of assessment which is required both for the EYFS Profile and for tracking using Development Matters and inaccurate equivalence has been made with NC levels and 'exceeding' judgements.

    Have a look at the bottom of every page of Development Matters where the statements for the age bands appear - the statements should not be used as a check list. This tracker collates a child's attainment against statements rather than best fitting the age band as an entirety. In other words, the tracker creates a mammoth checklist.

    In addition, 'exceeding' judgements are equated in this tracker to levels 1 c, b and a from the National Curriculum. This is also incorrect. Compare the ELGs for reading, writing, number and technology with level one of the National Curriculum. It could be argued the goal for number is beyond level one for number and algebra, the ELGs for reading and writing are broadly at level one and the ELG for technology is below level one for ICT. The goals are the 'expected' level, so equating 'exceeding',which is beyond the goal, to grades of level one is wrong.

    In short, the IT is impressive but the assessment practice underpinning the tracker is wrong.
  11. My husband says " thanks for the comments about the impressive IT!!"

    We appreciate your concern regarding both these issues, however you seem to misunderstand how the tool works. It is not a tick sheet ,as partitioners use their professional judgements to indicate when a child is best able to demonstrate a particular statement-not in any particular order and not necessarily in the same age/stage band- we do this all the time in our classrooms and this tool simply helps us to keep track of our thinking. I personally do not know any teacher who can keep all this information for 30 children in her head! The best fit assessment practise underpinning the tracker has been tried and tested in REAL classrooms with teachers using their professional knowledge of the child to check against it- ie: " Does this best fit profile fit the child that I know" and 99% of the time the answer is YES! This is because the assessment practise underpinning the tool is correct and has been developed with teachers and head teachers all in agreement.

    Regarding the issue of exceeding, we agree it is a touchy subject at the moment, however there is still little agreement and clarity regarding exceeding and level 1 and children need to be passed on to Year1 with NC levels if their best fit for ELG is exceed. This simply helps the Year 1 teachers with a starting point that is common and recognised until the huge gap between years is filled with our new NC. As the new NC comes available, the upgrades will reflect this. It is widely acknowledged that this is a EYFS issue and not an issue of the tool. Professional dialogue between YR and Y1 teachers also helps to fill this NC gap.

    In the mean time, we have to ask the following:- does this tool help you show the progress your children are making, and does it help you plan to meet the needs of your cohort and each individual child effectively and with little time away from the children?

    For phase leaders and head teachers it provides instant and consistent data freeing the class teacher up to focus on what we really enjoy doing- teaching!!

  12. anne67

    anne67 New commenter

    Hi, could I have a copy please? Stephenharle@fsmail.net thanks xx
  13. 2simple is great for cutting down the paper work, it has charts telling you how many obs you have for a child in each area and the term in which they were taken, however, the biggest downfall of 2 simple is that it doesnt collate your data for you.

    we have devised our own tracking system that requires practitioner judgement to determine if a child is at risk of delay, emerging, expected, exceeding in all 7 areas by looking at their age in months compared to the age band they are working within. we look at progress within each area of learning and then progress as whole
  14. Hi glynndp,

    I would really be interested. Thanks. x Could you send a copy of to Runjit@hotmail.co.uk.

    Thanks so much xx[​IMG]
  15. Hi could you please send me a copy acshaw2@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you x
  16. Hiya sounds great! Please can i have a copy - thanks

  17. polatia

    polatia New commenter

    Primarytools.co.uk has quite a nifty one with graphs and statistics including gender and fsm. Covers nursery and reception. Might be worth a look.
  18. Hi glynndp, I would be really grateful if you could forward me a copy too.

    Thanks starjin5@gmail.com

  19. Yes - agree with this one! Anyone else using it?

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