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EYFS tracking/assessment

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by clockrow, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. lng


    Hi this sounds fantastic. We spend so much time filling in different trackers and forms, to have it all in one place sounds brilliant. My email is owen.lisa38@yahoo.co.uk many thanks in advance
  2. I would be very interested to find out about this excel application. Please send details to alison.priestley@nocton.lincs.sch.uk

  3. Hi,

    Please could you send me an example

    Many thanks

  4. thanks, i would really like to veiw this - although we have just decided to use a new tracker system in school, I'm not convinced it wil l be easy to use - so would like to have a go with yours thanksrachelswift03@hotmail.com
  5. Hi im currently on maternity leave and would love any information on your assessment. Im totally lost and confused about everything, so any help would be very much appreciated. My email is

    Many thanks
  6. Hi Glynndp,
    Please could i have details of your excel sheet which your husband developed. It sounds great such a time saver. Thanks for being so generous.
  7. LizzieTish

    LizzieTish New commenter

    Glynndp I would really like to see the excel sheet which your husband has devised for FS please. I really appreciate your generosity. lizadie@hotmail.co.uk. Many thanks in anticipation.
  8. Hi glynndp, I'm interested in this application as you say it's also suitable for pre-schools. I've started looking into this type of assessment method for my setting and would really like to look at what you use. You (& your husband are most generous). I'm on cheryl_cockle@yahoo.co.uk Thank you very much.
  9. If you are still happy and willing to share this I would be very grateful to see your husband's work. Many thanks wendyjhaslam@hotmail.co.uk

  10. Please could I have a copy of your tracking/assessment application diana876@btinternet.com. Many thanks
  11. Can I please jump on the bandwagon and ask you for a copy? Sounds amazing. marybburke@yahoo.co.uk Thank you x
  12. If I'm not too late please could I have a copy. Thank you so much in advance it seems you and your excel spreadsheet are very popular! My email address is karenjanetsmith@me.com
  13. Hi there!
    If you are still sharing please please please can I have a copy?
    I feel bad just taking your resourse.. I have lots of planning/ideas/other paperwork that I would be happy to share with you if you need anything?!!- please just ask.
    If you can send me a copy my email is
    Many Thanks xxxx
  14. Hi
    Please would you be kind enough to pass on information regarding the excel application. My email address is
    Many thanks
  15. Hi,
    This sounds great! We would be very interested in learning more about it. My email is
    Many thanks Jayne [​IMG]
  16. smith1877

    smith1877 New commenter

    Hi If its not too late would you mind emailing me details on this please? jo9090@hotmail.co.uk
    many many thanks x
  17. Please can I have info zedandti@aol.com thank you !
  18. Hi we are looking to go high tech in our Nursery please could you give me more info. Have looked at 2 simple but don't like it as you can't see gaps within 1 area of learning. We also need to have folders which store each childs photos. Many thanks clare.crump@tesco.net

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