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EYFS Set up

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Milliemoo13, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter


    Please could you give me an idea of how your reception class is run? I am hearing a lot of conflicting things at the moment about how structured they should be.

  2. ChanChan123

    ChanChan123 New commenter

    Hi Milliemoo,

    I've experienced two different settings.

    One had children choosing until about 9:10, registration, welcome, etc until about 9:30 followed by phonics. Phonics would finish about 10:30 as small group writing would be done during this time, this included a taught carpet session followed by a carousel of activities such as guided reading, handwriting, fine motor, etc. Choosing time after this until about 11:30 when we'd review, wash hands for lunch, story. Lunch starts at 12:00. Come in from lunch at 1:10. Maths input until 1:30, this was sometimes followed by topic input until about 1:45. Choosing time until about 2:45 followed by review, story, something else linked to topic, circle time etc and home for 3:30.

    The second has
    8:45 - children come in, write their names and read a book
    9:00 - books away, welcome time
    9:05/9:10 - phonics
    9:35 - wake up shake up
    9:40 - literacy
    10:00 - fruit and milk
    10:10 - small group writing (each child writes on that day rather than one group a day) other children choosing
    11:00 - maths input followed by more writing or maths groups if literacy small groups are finished
    11:30 - tidy up review
    11:50 - lunch
    12:30 - TA comes in and reads with a small group of children
    1:00 - topic input
    1:20 - topic small groups and choosing
    2:30 - tidy up
    2:45 - whole class / circle time / speech and language / etc
    3:00 - get ready for home time
    3:10 - Home time

    As you can see the first is more child-led and free flowing and the second is more structured. The needs of each of these schools are very different. The first is a very middle class, affluent school majority white British children.
    The second is in an area of social deprivation, high percentage EAL (out of 26, there's approx 20 Somali speaking children), etc.

    Hope this helps
    Would love to see others
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  3. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Thanks so much for the reply, there seems to be so many conflicting views at the moment about what is best practice.
    Thanks for sharing these I think it's so interesting hearing how others do it.

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