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EYFS observation sheets 2012

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by suffolksmiler, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. suffolksmiler

    suffolksmiler New commenter


    In our learning journeys we do put the all the evidence you mentioned.
    We also have them accessible to us and parents.

    I just want them to look less untidy in their files really.
    Used to write in sticky labels which were quick to file.
    Now hole punch sheets and treasury tag in each area of learning.
    We write lots of observations and take plenty of photos, to share with other schools at moderation meetings.
    Our records are passed onto reception, but I think they are only really interested in E-Profile, learning goal tracking sheet.

    We write next steps after OFTSED insisted we were not doing enough or long enough observations on stickers.

    In light of new EYFS which is meant to be less paper work, how does this work?

    Some people on here have been advised at NEW EYFS meeting, to only record the "important" observations....
    But in a team of staff who knows which evidence is already in their file?
    We discuss at the end of the session significant moments and try and build on these the next day.....

    The 3 new main strands were what NURSERY education was always about, before they put more emphasis on letters and sounds etc.... Speaking and listening prevents frustrated behaviour and leads to better social skills. Physical development helps children explore their environment rather than sitting doing letter identification ready for Reception! In other countries formal stuff does not start to till later - they call it learning readiness - I call it maturity and concentration skills!
    Sorry for moaning, any advice welcome PLEASE
    Suffolk Smiler
  2. i think now with the new eyfs having no e-profile that they will be more interested in your learning journeys and your highlighted develpment matters as they can continue your good work!

    i dont think it matters if it isn't particularly 'neat' as it is a portfolio of the children's journey and everything that makes the picture of the whole child rather than their achievement if that makes sense?
  3. ladybird22

    ladybird22 New commenter

    Our system sounds similar to yours.We use files for each of our nursery children which are split into the 6 areas and post it notes, long observations and photos 'work' ect are stuck in in date order. We indicate the DM and profile point on them but i only tend to do next steps on the long observations. The files are then conitinued in reception before going to the year 1 teacher. In September I think we will devise a DM tracker sheet and continue the files in much the same way. Our files are not neat or particualrly pretty to look at but I do think they show the childs journey through foundation stage.
  4. I've already put a DM tracker sheet in resources if you want to save yourself some work.


    I'm working on a whole class one too but it's not ready yet.
  5. ladybird22

    ladybird22 New commenter

    Thanks very much FS Lou

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