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EYFS moderation...I'm so worried

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by daisymay8, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have my moderation next week and I am so worried. Nobody knows what to expect and its my first year in Reception. Has anyone been though it? Can anyone give me any advice or help in advance?
    Thank you
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'm afraid there is very little consistency around the country as each authority has their own approach.
  3. just be very angry. Be angry about the possibilites for young children, be angry about the inconsistencies, be angry about being angry, spit passion and feathers, keep your commitment to your ideals and the real education of young children in the forefront of all your dealings. Don't be distracted either by criticism or praise, listen to see if they really know what THEY are taling about and let them convince you they have a valid point of view to justify occupying your valuable time with children, share the realities of your teaching and the individual children that you know. Let them know how irrelevant all of this is and you wonder why they have even jumped on the bandwagon. Let them see the sincerity in your dealings with children ad your exhasperaton in dealings with pointless, self-important, externally imposed, self-justifying bureaucracy. You are the teacher with yur trainign, your experience and your commitment to improving your knowledge and understanding of children and teaching. Np-one can moderate that. Go back to your principles and revindicate why you chose to teach young children in your daily life. Make sure that is reflected in any and every action that your are asked to demonstrate. Do the minimum because with such inconsisteny and such moving goalposts and such muddled thinking it will never (like oFSTED) give you a true reflection of yourself, your abilities as a teacher nor the miracle of growth and development which your children will be undergoing. Go for it. Let them do some work. Remember despite all the top hats and tails, the teacups and saucers, we really are living a mad-hatters tea party.
  4. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Are they coming to you or is a local moderation meeting with several schools in attendance? If its the latter, relax. I was scared before my first but actually it was a great opportunity for EYs teachers to share moans!
  5. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    The job of moderation is to make sure that schools within the LA are putting forward assessments that are realistic within a certain tolerance and that this is reflective of what is going on nationally. They are not trying to catch you out. They are just making sure that your assessments are sound. As long as you are confident about what you have done and can justify your assessments, there is nothing for you to worry about. The moderator will only spend a short time with the 3 children they choose. There is no way they can know the children better than you in that time. So unless there are glaring inconsistencies, they will be happy. Try not to worry.
  6. But it all presumes that the observations and assessments are appropriate, necessary and good thinking.
    If people with authority really wanted to make decisions about the provision for children, they should observe, interact within the setting and speak to the people in charge of the setting and who are caring for the children - they should also speak to the parents of the children.
    I have known scenarios where the moderators/inspectors find petty fault and yet the children are very happy and well provided for and the parents of the children are very happy with the provision for the children.
  7. Original poster - fight your worries and fears.
    Work on your own confidence. Decide for yourself whether you are doing a good-enough job.
    If you don't build up your own confidence and decide on your own standards, you are surely destined to be forever cowering in your daily life.
    This is not good enough. Teachers and carers need a regime of education, where necessary, support, where necessary, inspiration and practical help, where necessary - not regimes which leave people fearful and cowering.
  8. Sorry to bang on -
    Know that some people have really positive experiences with their advisors and inspectors - and others have really negative experiences - with some neither one nor the other.
    But what TESers have commented upon over and again is that this seems to be pretty much the luck of the draw.
    If moderation, inspection and feedback from observations is really at the level of the luck of the draw, then you cannot afford to let it bother you.
    So, to the most invaluable of phrases suggested to me by a colleague once who was always being observed when I asked her how she was coping, she said, "Bovvered...." and just got on with her job of teaching.
    Remember...bov vered.

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