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EYFS lesson planning for nursery class

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by charlied_04, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. DinlowHobbitt

    DinlowHobbitt New commenter


    Just about to start teaching in a nursery. Are the documents you mentioned still available. Stressing and all help is greatfully received
  2. Hiya im an nqt! Are you able to please forward the documents you were sent via the group? Thanks
  3. Hi, I would also like a copy of these documents if possible please.
  4. Can I please have a copy of these files too. I have recently started working in a preschool setting for children 18 months to 4. thank you
  5. I would love these too if still available please, I have currently taken over a two year room within the school,many help would be great, planning formats activitys links, baselines, cheers in advance, jaynecanning17@gmail.com
  6. crazycatloveruk

    crazycatloveruk New commenter

    Hi would it be possible to be sent those documents that everyone has been talking about on this thread too as I am starting in Nursery and Reception in September for the first time. Thanks ajw19uk@gmail.com
  7. Hiya,

    Sorry to ask the predictable but is anyone able to send me these EYFS Nursery planning files too? I am just about to start my first placement in a Nursery on my PGCE course and am really nervous. These documents will be a great help. If anyone has them or knows where to get them would they be able to point me in the right direction. My email is cynara99@hotmail.co.uk

    Many thanks!

  8. Good day, if it's okay i would also like to have the copy. i also recently got a position of a pre-school teacher. thank you so much! my email is aicapinon@rocketmail.com or aicapinon18@gmail.com
  9. hi! would it be alright to ask for the copy of the EYFS files: Nursery planning, planning for 2year olds and planning for 3-4 year olds from hurny as i also got a job as a pre-school teacher.. thanks you so much. my email would be aicapinon@rocketmail.com or aicapinon18@gmail.com
  10. Hello, I?ve just read the discussion and I would appreciate if I could have a copy, I am a student I am preparing for my observation. Thank you very much in advance.

  11. Hi charlied_04. I know it has been a while ago since you posted this comment. However is there any chance for me to receive the Nursery planning for 2 year olds and for 3-4 year olds?
  12. Try

  13. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Is there any chance of all this stuff being put in the resources section so that this doesn't become another interminable thread of requests?

    That people are being put into nursery posts without the slightest idea of what is expected does alarm me.
  14. aby23

    aby23 New commenter

    i wonder if you can send me these documents too i feel a bit lost and would grateful for any help.
    thank you aby
  15. MegsMog

    MegsMog New commenter

    I'm amazed at how many requests are made to one person here. Surely people can manage to source these things themselves with a little effort?

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