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EYFS Iphone assessment

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by ChereR, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if anyone can share with me any electronic iphone assesment programmes/tools they use. For example 'Look@Me. Ive heard rumours of schools using programmes that have 'photo recognition', others that use programmes that can save the 'evidence' into the specific area and then it is automatically highlihgted onto the childs individual profile. (Obviously all these programmes will have to be updated to meet the changes, but I'd be really interested to know what u are using).
  2. Of COurse, it would be a iphone just for use only in school. Also Look@Me have a secure cloud where evidence stored.
  3. Thanks for that, i'll search for those. It seems absurd that with the changes coming in Sep no one is taking up the opportunity to launch an assesment system that would make asessing and 'storing' EYFS evidence easier... If i find anything I'll post it.

  4. Hi ChereR. Orbit Early Years is new, free software for Early Years practitioners. find more information on www.orbit.so
  5. As far as I am aware, the phone that is used doesn't have a SIM card in it - it is used more as a mini computer than a phone. The phone is connected to the computer to transfer information and doesn't use WiFi, so pictures wouldn't be able to be sent or accessed over the internet.
  6. Hi, we've used the 'Interactive learning diary' this year which is an online assessment tool. We take a photo using our own camera with an eyefi card. The photos then transfer wirelessly into the application. We log on and type up the observation in the child's portfolio and score them against the EYFS. We sometimes update these with the children so they can also get their point of view over too. The children quite often ask "are you going to update our diaries today Mrs Evans?" as they love to see their own portfolios. Our head also has a log on so he can check at anytime how we are doing as there are loads of reports available. My favourite is the line chart we shows me how the class is improving each term. Available now to us is the parents portal which lets the parents log on from home and see their own child's portfolio, very popular with dads working away. I'm assured that this is very secure and parents can only see their own child's portfolio and not anyone elses. I can also access it from home and quite often sit in the evening updating things that have happened in the day. I've been told the new curriculum is in and ready for us to use so we are hoping to swap it over as soon as we get our results sent so we can practice using it before September. I've also been told we'll soon be able to use tablet PC's instead of the camera and laptop, this will be great for using on school trips! Hope this helps.
  7. ChereR we trialled the orbit EYFS app and its amazing!!! Its made my life so much easier and its totally safe and secure. There is a parent app so parents can be involved in the assessments too and we all know how important that is! We are going to be using it in September! Have a look at the website that Richardmo mentioned www.orbit.so
  8. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Apparently before EYFS experienced teachers could make 200 observations a day and not a post it, clipboard or camera in sight [​IMG]
  9. ChereR / Loora - I've looked on the orbit website and as a parent / eyfs teacher / and ICT leader I think it goes a long way towards ticking all the right boxes in each camp:
    It's interactive, allowing parents to input into their child's assessment records with ease. It cuts down on paperwork, with easy links to the new EYFS development matters for up to date assessment and will be an easy way for teachers to see where each child is in their development, and what their next steps will be. As ICT subject lead I think it is another tool for bringing ICT into the heart of assessment and monitoring , while minimising the time spent, making the assessment process instantly more effective and allowing teachers to make better use of their time, which we all know is precious!
    If you are reading this and haven't checked out www.orbit.so then waste no more time - do it now and bring assessment innovation into your school.
  10. be careful - don't want to be accused of trying to sell it!!! no - seriously though, I have actually had more time free enjoying being with the children - it's a very unobtrusive way to get evidence. It is lovely to see the parents comments. I don't think I want an ipad for this though, if I'm running up & down in the garden, or cooking, or anything active I can't see an ipad being much use! The sim-less iphone I carry in a small pouch but others have theirs on a clip-on. Better than a camera & bits of paper. look@me is doing everything I want - & the little 'books' for parents will get at the end - pdf - are great. I'm not technical at all, and quite old - but it is a v easy system. Straight in - no fuss - comments, term, scale point. You are welcome to see it in action any time!
  11. Hi, Rather than an iPhone, you could use an iPod touch or iPad. Hope this helps
  12. We have an ipod touch and 2simple app. It's much cheaper than some. There's another thread on here where I've just written about it in more detail.
  13. Investigating which of the on line learning journeys it would be best to use.
    Looking at:
    Interactive learning journeys
    Orbit appeals because it is free! Can anyone say how the advertising works? Is it subtle, or are parents going to bombarded with a busy page? Has anyone seen what parents' page looks like?
  14. Elsie Teacher

    Elsie Teacher New commenter

    Just watched the Look@me demo. So you're telling me all those young nursery nurses will be tapping away on their iphones doing observations?!! Not facebooking at all??!! And what about safeguarding?
  15. Hi there

    I wonder if you can help me. I successfully registered for the orbit assessment tool yesterday but I am struggling to find the app for my phone and iPad. I've contacted the manufacturer and awaiting a response but I'm dying to give it a go! Any ideas will be greatfully received!

    Many thanks :)
  16. Just received a very prompt reply from orbit who have informed me the app will be available on Apple app store within a few days! Great stuff.
  17. Do you have to pay for 2simple? The orbit app is free and there is an app for parents too so that they can contribute to assessments which is so important! Its out in the app store now. If you have an ipad then search 'orbit eyfs' and have a play. Its so esy to use and is going to make assessments so much easier!!!
  18. 2Simple is free too. I've downloaded both on my own Iphone so i can have a play wih them before i go back to school, however I'm not sure my new school will like this as I would need them to buy an Ipad for it, I couldnt personally work on a small device and I think money may be tight for them! Maybe I'll plant the seed for a year and fingers crossed get this for Sept 2013.
  19. hello Elsie Teacher - noooooo - there is no sim - no one can make calls. On my look@me all the adults have their own pin number to access. It is all held securely. Every safeguarding check has been done. It is nice to see the parents' comments going in - they have a box for their contribution on the same page that goes in straightaway - no mucking about with emails etc. Some people on here are saying it's hard to use a small iphone - but it's really much easier - don't use an ipad - if you are cooking or running about outside for example an iphone is soooo easy to catch the remarkable. If you can text you can do your OBS - & don't forget on look@me there is a short period for you to go in after they've gone home to edit/check. Go on give it a try!
  20. Hi There,

    I've been investigating all these I phone/I pad Early Years apps. I'm def going to be using one this year but don't know which one.

    With the Orbit one, are there any ways that you can look at the whole class to see which areas you need to focus on, print off whole class graphs etc etc.


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