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EYFS Data Deadline, observations Help!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Nicola120785, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Nicola120785

    Nicola120785 New commenter

    Hello everyone,
    Was hoping for some much needed advice!
    To cut a long story short, I started a maternity cover a few weeks ago, I have now been told that the deadline for data entry for EYFS profile is the 1st April. Problem is that there are huge gaps on all the childrens profile system and about 5 observation post it notes in the childrens learning journals! I am now at a loss on how to get them up to date, when i've only had the children for 2 weeks.
    I have done observations myself and highlighted areas I know the children have covered. But because of the lack of observations previously there are huge gaps, some of them I know the children can do, so can I just high light them or do I need to have the evidence? Can I write on planning as evidence? I intend to do so many observations in the next two weeks but does anyone have any advice? PLEASE [​IMG]
    Thank you
    Nicola xx
  2. It's the end of June for data to LEA. Most Reception teachers use eprofile to update profiles and analyse data on a termly or half termly basis. If you do this the data can then be sent to the LEA using a commonfile transfer. You should be re assing your children at Easter time but most LEA 's are only interested in the final summer data!
  3. Don't worry; you probably have termly dates to input data-hence the 1st April.
    If you have no evidence but you know they can do things consistently then use your "professional knowledge"- that old thing that teachers used to use until we became addicted to post its and photos. sign and date by targets- that's what I do.
    If my head or Ofsted question it then It's up to me to justify it- I am the evidence- can't be done all the time but you sound like you need some godd old fashioned advice.


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